Six "killers" destroying the ovaries, be careful when facing one of them

It is said that "the ovaries are one year older, and women are ten years older." It can be assumed that importance of ovaries for women is obvious. But over time, people's pressure becomes more and more, and ovaries will be damaged. After ovaries are damaged, women will not be able to have children, and women's skin will get worse and worse, and they will enter menopause. early. So, what are six "killers" that destroy ovaries, let's figure it out together.

Six "killers" destroying ovary

1. Long-term use of emergency contraception

Six "killers" destroying the ovaries, be careful when facing one of them

As name implies, emergency contraception is used in emergency situations, such as when contraception does not work, and is not suitable for routine use. Emergency contraception usually contains high doses of estrogen and progesterone, and prolonged use of large amounts will cause great damage to ovaries. Therefore, it is recommended to use short-acting oral contraceptives or condoms as daily contraceptives.

2. Excessive fat reduction

When it comes to weight loss, many women think about fat loss, but excessive fat loss is very harmful because estrogen is usually stored in fat. If there is too little fat, "warehouse" for storing estrogen will disappear, which will affect ovarian function and even cause premature ovarian failure.

3. Sedentary lifestyle

Six "killers" destroying the ovaries, be careful when facing one of them

A study found that women who sit six or more hours a day have a 43% higher risk of developing ovarian cancer and a 10% higher risk of invasive breast cancer than women who sit less than three hours a day . Suggestion: get up and move every hour. You can usually walk to and from work, or walk upstairs and take stairs.

4. Smoking or passive smoking

Smoking or passive passive or passive smoking are ovarian "killers". Substances such as nicotine and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in cigarettes can reduce production of mature oocytes and estrogen, leading to menstrual irregularities, amenorrhea, and even premature ovarian failure with an increased risk of infertility. Therefore, women who smoke themselves are strongly advised to quit before pregnancy and avoid secondhand and third-hand smoke.

5. Stay up late often

If you don't rest on time, you won't have enough time to regenerate your organs. In order to cooperate with behavior of staying up late, body will cause changes in secretion of certain hormones, including changes in hormones secreted by the ovaries themselves. This is what we often refer to as endocrine disorders. Endocrine disorders will not only exacerbate human aging, but even cause some diseases.

6. Often worried and sad

Six "killers" destroying the ovaries, be careful when facing one of them

Most women are prone to negative emotions due to high blood pressure, and when faced with unpleasant things, they will be in a negative psychological state for a long time. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that health of ovaries is related to liver meridian. If a woman is in a state of restlessness and inactivity for a long time, stagnation of liver qi will damage not only her breasts but also her ovaries.

The ovaries are very fragile and easily affected by outside world. Therefore, if women want to have healthier ovaries, they should do as little as possible or not. Only healthy ovaries can make women younger and more beautiful.