Premature ovarian failure = fertility death sentence?

We all know that ovaries in women decrease with age. When ovaries shrink, it means that women are going through menopause and main manifestation is menopause. However, many women are diagnosed with premature ovarian failure for various reasons. Premature ovarian failure = fertility death sentence?

Does premature ovarian failure really lead to infertility?

Premature ovarian failure refers to premature decline in ovarian function in women under age of forty. Whether premature ovarian failure can produce children depends on degree of ovarian recession. If it is mild premature aging, an ultrasound of menstrual cycle will show that main follicles are sufficient for birth of children. But if it is severe premature aging, it is more difficult to get pregnant.

For treatment of premature ovarian failure, we can choose from three common treatments:

1. Estrogen treatment: In accordance with fact that pathogenetic principle of premature ovarian failure is lack of estrogens in body, therapeutic effect was achieved by administering estrogens to patient. Estrogen can stimulate development of follicles in ovary and can also promote release of gonadotropins, thereby indirectly affecting ovarian function. However, patients should pay attention to fact that drugs have a certain complementarity and resistance, so this kind of treatment can only alleviate course of disease, but cannot effectively cure it.

2. Immunotherapy: Through a detailed examination of hospital, find out if there are antibody factors in patient's body, and if so, then immunotherapy can be performed. The vaccine injection has become a relatively reliable treatment and is accepted by most patients.

3. Surgical treatment: This method is mainly aimed at patients with severe premature aging. The key is to perform a vascular bypass, such as an anastomosis of ovarian artery to inferior mesenteric artery or renal artery, as early as possible, before loss of ovarian function, to restore blood supply to ovary and restore vitality. ovary.

Remind your friends: if doctor diagnosed you with "premature ovarian failure", do not believe this false propaganda, follicles cannot be "made from nothing." If you haven't been diagnosed with a medical condition and just want to do "ovarian support", then massages and health products won't help. To maintain ovaries, there is no shortcut, right choice is to lead a healthy lifestyle.