A "sperm crisis" is coming Expert: Many people have bad habits of reducing sperm!

What is quality of modern male "tadpoles"?

A research paper published at end of last year may scare many male compatriots——

A research team led by Hagay Levin, a professor at Hebrew University of Israel, published an article in journal Human Reproduction Update stating that in just 45 years, from 1973 to 2018, average sperm count in men worldwide decreased by 62 %, average sperm concentration decreased from 101 million to 49 million per milliliter.

Why did this happen? In fact, many of them are caused by bad habits in life, so today we will summarize some bad habits that lead to sperm decline.

A "sperm crisis" is coming Expert: Many people have bad habits of reducing sperm!

1. Smoking and drinking

The lungs of heavy smokers can no longer see their original appearance, and it is very easy to cause lung cancer, increase incidence of reproductive system, and harmful substances of nicotine and tar in cigarette smoke will affect reduction of sperm. The quality and quantity of alcohol can lead to a state of infertility in severe cases, while alcohol will increase level of catecholamines in body and interfere with circulation of reproductive system, which is extremely bad for sperm production.

2. Wear tight underwear and jeans for a long time

Some men often wear tight pants to improve their image. As everyone knows, this will cause great harm to testicles, as tight pants will bring scrotum closer to abdominal wall, causing a temperature increase that will affect testicles over time. Development severe can also lead to infertility.

3. Sedentary lifestyle

A "sperm crisis" is coming Expert: Many people have bad habits of reducing sperm!

After a day at work, most men like to sit still in one place after work, play with their mobile phones, wait to eat and sleep, and don't think about exercise at all. In fact, for male friends, sitting for a long time is a very bad habit. It not only oppresses your reproductive organs for a long time, but also affects blood circulation of lower body, reduces secretion of hormones, and affects production of sperm, as well as maintenance of quality.

4. Stay up late often

In fact, many people currently stay up late voluntarily, some because they go to work, and some people suffer from insomnia caused by various insomnia disorders. Regardless of cause, insomnia can take a toll on a man's sperm. Because when a man stays up late, main function of kidneys will also decrease, which will lead to a decrease in semen secretion and a serious decrease in its quality.

5. Take a hot bath

A "sperm crisis" is coming Expert: Many people have bad habits of reducing sperm!

After a busy day at work, taking a hot bath at night should be best way to relieve fatigue. Hot baths and saunas are "killers" that will definitely affect quantity and quality of sperm. Sperms like a cool environment. When temperature of scrotum is below body surface temperature, sperm are produced smoothly. Therefore, do not take hot baths often, preferably once a week. When taking a hot bath, you must control temperature, it is usually recommended to keep temperature around 40 degrees.

These bad habits can easily lead to a decrease in sperm, so if you want to have a baby, you must avoid these bad habits and correct them in time. We can exercise properly, have a balanced diet and maintain a good attitude - this lifestyle is what we need for pregnancy.