Don't Worry During Pregnancy, Keep These 3 Key Points in Mind!

You know, preparing for pregnancy takes time. Most couples cannot get pregnant in one go. It will take several months or even more than a year to get pregnant smoothly. chance of pregnancy is lower. If we want to get pregnant as soon as possible, we must know health of following parts and do following three points well so that you are not far from pregnancy.

To get pregnant quickly, these three parts must be healthy:

1. Healthy ovaries

Don't Worry During Pregnancy, Keep These 3 Key Points in Mind!

As we all know, ovaries are very important for women. They can not only preserve youth and beauty of women, but also preserve their ability to bear children. The biggest natural enemy of ovaries is age, so sisters who want to have a baby should prepare for pregnancy as soon as possible. The childbearing age of women is usually around 23-30 years. Pregnancy at this stage has many benefits for women.

2. Fallopian tubes must be unblocked

Besides ovary, fallopian tube is place where sperm and egg meet. Once fallopian tube is blocked, they cannot meet, which will affect pregnancy. Therefore, girls should prevent blockage of fallopian tube in time. The onset of menstruation, not having sex during menstruation, personal hygiene, etc.

3. The endometrium is also very important

Don't Worry During Pregnancy, Keep These 3 Key Points in Mind!

The endometrium is a layer of mucous membrane that covers inner layer of uterine wall. It can be divided into a functional layer and a basal layer. In women, it undergoes periodic changes under influence of estrogens and progesterone. Therefore, if basal layer is damaged due to various factors, and endometrium is too thick or too thin, it will not be easy to implant a fertilized egg.

If you want to get pregnant as soon as possible, you must remember following 3 points.

①Do a good pre-pregnancy examination. Whether you have given birth before or not, if you are planning to have a baby, couple should arrange a time to go to hospital for a comprehensive pre-pregnancy examination to assess overall physical condition, which can effectively avoid some unforeseen situations .

②Catch ovulation period. If you want to achieve a good pregnancy as soon as possible, you must understand ovulation period. Women are different from men. Under normal circumstances, women only produce one egg per month, and survival time of an egg after ovulation is 24-36 hours, time is precious. Under normal circumstances, ovulation occurs about 14 days before your period. If you are unsure, you can use tools such as ovulation test strips.

Don't Worry During Pregnancy, Keep These 3 Key Points in Mind!

③Relax your mind. Many people will feel this way. As soon as they decide to start preparing for pregnancy, couple will be inexplicably nervous, and also become more careful during sex. Actually, this is not necessary. state of mind, less pressure, easier it is to achieve a good pregnancy.