Is fertility related to blood type? If you have this blood type, you have a hard time getting pregnant

You might think it's outrageous, why is fertility related to blood type? Therefore, everyone wants to know more about this issue. Although living conditions in this society have improved, birth rate is getting lower and lower, some patients find it difficult to conceive a child because of their blood type. Next, let's talk about relationship between fertility and blood type. Let's see if you are predisposed to pregnancy~

Which blood type can reduce fertility?

Of course. Why do you say that? Next, I will tell you in order.

Is fertility related to blood type? If you have this blood type, you have a hard time getting pregnant

Scientists from one country once conducted a relatively new study, which was a long-term follow-up of hundreds of women of childbearing age and women under age of 35. They found that among these people, women with blood type O had lowest pregnancy rates, while women with blood type A had highest pregnancy rates. Why do you say that? See breakdown below for specific reasons.

Why do women with first blood group have lowest percentage of pregnancies?

Experts began to analyze genetic predisposition to low pregnancy rates in women with blood type O. By studying differences in blood types between O-type and A-type women, scientists concluded that most important factor affecting chances of conception, is estrogen of egg. Ovarian estrogen is closely related to ovarian ovulation. If ovarian estrogen secretion is increased, it suppresses ovulation of ovary so that spermatozoa are less likely to connect with an egg. Generally speaking, ovarian secretion of estrogen in O-type women is more than twice that of A-type women. If you only look at secretion of hormones, it is indeed more difficult for O-type women to conceive a child than for A-type women.

However, O-type women should not worry too much, fearing that their pregnancy will be terminated. Through this study, it has indeed been shown that there is a definite relationship between blood type and pregnancy. However, this question cannot be answered with certainty by one survey alone.

In addition to effect of blood type on female fertility, women with blood type A are more likely to become pregnant, regular menstruation, normal weight, regular work and rest, and being in golden age of women will increase. likelihood of a successful conception of a woman.

I Menstrual Cycle

Is fertility related to blood type? If you have this blood type, you have a hard time getting pregnant

If a woman has a regular menstrual cycle and normal menstrual bleeding, this means that female body function is mature and stable, and ovarian function is normal. At this time, it is easier to form high-quality fertilized eggs, and likelihood of success in preparing for pregnancy is higher.

II normal weight

If a woman has a normal weight, then woman's body is in better condition, too thin or overweight is a manifestation of nutritional imbalance.

When you are overweight, you are prone to polycystic ovary syndrome, which affects combination to a certain extent, which reduces likelihood of success in preparing for pregnancy;

â…¢Work and rest schedule

Is fertility related to blood type? If you have this blood type, you have a hard time getting pregnant

If women lead a good lifestyle, work and rest, rest more and relieve stress more, their physical form at this time will be better, and secretion of hormones at night is also quite normal. In this condition, women are able to excrete more, thereby improving fertility and contributing to improved reproductive success.

IV is enjoying a golden age

The golden age for women to give birth is 23-30 years old. Women in this age group have outstanding qualities and are full of energy. Under condition of good physical fitness and organ functions, female physical functions are more suitable. After golden age, physical functions of women gradually show a downward trend.

Are you prone to pregnancy? Come and find out which blood type you belong to. This can only be used for reference. Not all people are like that. Consider going to hospital for a checkup to get a reproductive diagnosis. diseases faster and treat them on time.