What kind of "abnormal" whites, experts give a detailed interpretation!

If discharge has following characteristics and is accompanied by symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor.

The amount of leucorrhoea has increased abnormally, accompanied by a smell;

What kind of "abnormal" whites, experts give a detailed interpretation!

Yellow or gray frothy vaginal discharge;

tofu-like whites;

Gray with fishy vaginal discharge;

purulent leucorrhoea;

White water samples;

Bloody leucorrhea;

With itching or burning of vulva.

These situations are actually "normal"

It must be understood that normal leucorrhea also has many characteristics, which will change depending on level of hormones in body, diet, and even drinking water.

At time of ovulation, there is a large amount of transparent leucorrhoea, similar to egg white, which can be distinguished. After ovulation period, secretion of whites will decrease, they will become white and even yellow, which is normal form of whites.

What kind of "abnormal" whites, experts give a detailed interpretation!
What to do if whites are abnormal?

If you find that your leucorrhoea is abnormal, it is recommended that you seek medical attention in time, rather than going to pharmacy to get medicine yourself. Go to hospital for an examination after medication is not effective and results of leukorrhea test may be affected by previous medication.

According to conclusion, doctors will come up with different methods of treatment. How do we usually prevent pathological leucorrhoea?

01. Regular inspection

Even if there is no discomfort, it should be checked in time, it is advisable to undergo a comprehensive gynecological examination annually.

02. Follow rules of hygiene

Do not flush vagina with various liquid medicines, otherwise it will damage vaginal environment and cause vaginitis.

Some girlfriends are worried that the whites might stain their underwear, or they are too lazy to wash their underwear, so they always use sanitary pads on weekdays, which is not recommended. This is not your period, try not to use sanitary pads, wash your vulva every night with clean water and change your underwear.

What kind of "abnormal" whites, experts give a detailed interpretation!

03. Immunity boost

Insist on exercise to improve fitness; adequate sleep, a reasonable and balanced diet; eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins; keep an optimistic and good attitude.

04. Wear less tight trousers

Wear less tight pants, such as skinny jeans, and avoid wearing tight nylon underwear. Choose cotton underwear.