If you want to look young and not age, you must support your ovaries!

Nowadays, young women pay more attention to maintaining ovaries, because everyone knows importance of ovaries for women. It can not only ensure good fertility, but also keep youth forever, aging later than peers, but these beauty salons are on market that support ovaries should be careful, many of them are done for sake of making money, and effect is not necessarily good. So, how can we save the ovaries? Let's see together.

To save your ovaries, try this too!

First, maintain a regular sex life

If you want to look young and not age, you must support your ovaries!

Regular sex life allows women to have a good endocrine environment that promotes ovarian health. But at same time, avoid excessive sexual contact. Frequent sexual intercourse directly damages kidney essence, kidney yin, kidney yang, etc., resulting in decreased kidney qi, which directly causes decreased ovarian function, vaginal dryness, and aggravated amenorrhea.

Second, prevent premature ovarian failure

Women who are often busy at work, experience stress and have irregular periods should be prepared for premature ovarian failure. To prevent premature ovarian failure, you must maintain a good mood and eat less stimulant foods. Long-term emotional depression and discomfort in women directly affects breasts and ovaries, and long-term stagnation of liver qi directly affects ovarian function. Try not to sit for a long time and stay up late for a long time.

Third, eat a balanced diet and exercise

Picky eaters and diets can lead to malnutrition and reduced body immunity. So, to increase nutrition, intensify exercise. Eat more

If you want to look young and not age, you must support your ovaries!

The internal organs of animals, such as liver and brain, contribute to synthesis of sex hormones, and vitamins are also important nutrients. It is advisable to eat more foods rich in protein and vitamins

Food such as lean meats, eggs, fresh vegetables, fruits, etc. Eat less cold, spicy, and other foods. Keep exercising, refrain from smoking and secondhand smoke, and improve your physique.

Fourthly, a healthy lifestyle

Gynecologists believe that best way to maintain health for women is a healthy lifestyle. Regular work and rest, exercise, a balanced diet, quitting smoking and alcohol - these are real recipes for female beauty. In particular, smoking, some domestic experts conducted a sample survey of 178 women and found that among women with premature ovarian failure and reduced reserve ovarian function, frequency of smoking was 5 times higher than in normal women.

Fifth, appropriate estrogen supplementation

If you want to look young and not age, you must support your ovaries!

Beans and soy products contain an estrogen-like substance that can make up for the deficiency caused by decreased estrogen secretion after ovarian atrophy. Although this substance is 1000 times less potent than estrogen, its blood concentration is 1000 times higher than that of estrogen. Therefore, many health experts say that women love soybeans.

Is your ovary okay? If you have symptoms such as irregular periods, insomnia, endocrine disruption, and hair loss, you may have premature ovarian failure. At this time, you should recover in time to prevent deterioration.