Obviously fertilization, but implantation failed? This could be caused by these factors!

We all know that fertilization of a sperm and an egg is more than half success, but if implantation fails, it will be a pity, because child is only one step away. Many pregnant mothers do not. understand why Fertilized but failed to implant?Today editor will bring everyone to see.After reading you will know what is going on.

Why is he fertilized but not successfully implanted?

1. The embryo itself is defective

Obviously fertilization, but implantation failed? This could be caused by these factors!

In most cases, healthiest spermatozoa connect with egg, but in some special cases, some abnormal spermatozoa first connect with egg, and sometimes this is due to fact that after connection of egg with one sperm cell, a second spermatozoon occurs. same ovum, and fertilized ovum thus formed is born with congenital defects. Therefore, both husband and wife should check whether their chromosomes are abnormal before preparing for pregnancy, so that healthy fertilized eggs can be implanted without hindrance.

2. Uterine factors

Uterine anomalies, submucosal uterine fibroids, endometrial polyps, intrauterine adhesions, endometrial tuberculosis, etc. affect implantation of fertilized eggs. Therefore, in order to successfully conceive a child, women planning to conceive can undergo appropriate treatment through hysteroscopy. Hysteroscopy can directly examine intrauterine lesions and can quickly and accurately diagnose most intrauterine diseases. Examine cervical canal, uterine cavity and bilateral fallopian tube openings with hysteroscopy to find out reasons preventing implantation of fertilized eggs. At same time, related surgeries on uterus can be performed with hysteroscopy to reduce physical damage and psychological damage to pregnant women trauma.

3. Excessive stress

Obviously fertilization, but implantation failed? This could be caused by these factors!

Often we see some women who have not conceived for a long time. The longer this time, more nervous they are and less likely they are to get pregnant. In fact, among many factors that cause infertility, mental and psychological factors are also an important cause. The female reproductive endocrine system is influenced and regulated by cerebral cortex. Prolonged mental stress and anxiety disrupt endocrine system and even suppress ovarian function. Natural pregnancy can cause early, delayed or no ovulation. During test tube process It also greatly reduces chances of conception.

4. Female endocrine disorders

Some women, after many years of marriage, have a normal sex life, but have no hope of becoming pregnant. Probably insufficient function of corpus luteum of ovaries, insufficient secretion of progesterone, endometrial abnormalities, which affects implantation of fertilized eggs. Therefore, women suffering from infertility for a long time should have six hormonal tests. The six-point hormonal test is most common way to determine endocrine function in men and women. Measurement of level of sex hormones allows timely detection of diseases associated with endocrine disorders. The results of six sex hormone tests can, to some extent, reflect whether female endocrine system is disrupted and whether ovarian ovulation is normal.

How to make implantation of a fertilized egg successful?

The process of implantation of a fertilized egg is very precise and requires interaction of various tissues. First of all, there should be enough progesterone in body of a pregnant woman. Under influence of progesterone, normal development and implantation of fertilized eggs can be maintained, and progesterone can also contribute to development of endometrium.

Obviously fertilization, but implantation failed? This could be caused by these factors!

Under influence of progesterone, endometrium should change into a secretory phase, which facilitates implantation of fertilized eggs. In addition, there is a layer of zona pellucida on outer layer of fertilized ovum, and prerequisite for implantation of fertilized ovum is that zona pellucida should disappear.

Pregnant women are advised to avoid strenuous exercise in early pregnancy, wear more clothes and keep warm in daily life, the chance of conception is relatively high, and they should take folic acid wisely.