Is a salpingogram really painful, listen to what experts say!

Although population growth rate has now slowed down, there are still many people who want to have a second child and three children, especially those who want to have a second child and they want to have another one as a companion for Dabao. Maybe everyone thinks that first child is easy to conceive, and second will definitely be easier to conceive. In fact, this thinking is problematic. For some pregnant mothers, it may be easier to have a second child, but this is not case. very difficult for some pregnant mothers. Some doctors allow them. I went to check my fallopian tubes, but I heard that salpingogram is very painful. Is this true? Come and listen to what specialists have to say today.

Experts explain interpretation of salpingography as follows: its pain is specifically related to following four factors.

01. Physician experience

Is a salpingogram really painful, listen to what experts say!

The pain of a contrast study is directly related to experience of doctor. Some experienced clinicians are more precise in determining amount and rate of administration of contrast medium and can adjust it at any time in accordance with sensations and feedback of subject. Under circumstances, this can relatively reduce a lot of unnecessary pain.

02. Personal tolerance

The degree of personal tolerance also has a big influence. Among patients with whom I have contacted in past, some patients felt that pain during angiography was unbearable, and some patients did not feel anything and simply finished examination. In fact, objectively speaking, degree of pain should be same, and it's basically a feeling of soreness and swelling. The pain won't be obvious, but paying too much attention to sensation can easily exacerbate sensation. Some patients will pay too much attention to this problem when they hear from others that it will hurt before examination, which will relatively increase feeling of pain.

03. Uterine health

Is a salpingogram really painful, listen to what experts say!

In some patients, during examination, diseases of uterus are detected, or cervix is ​​too tight, wrong angle, etc., and there may be a little discomfort. However, in these cases, experienced doctors can effectively reduce discomfort.

04. Degree of personal cooperation

Many have heard that salpingography is very painful, so some patients are afraid before examination, and still do not cooperate differently during examination. In fact, this is completely unnecessary. Doctors see countless patients every day, so you don't have to worry too much about tenure issues, besides, they are more concerned about patient's condition, as long as they actively cooperate with doctor's examination, it will be smoother.

Will it affect pregnancy after x-ray?

Contrast imaging is done under X-rays. X-rays have a relatively strong clinical radiation. Radiation can remain in body for a certain period of time. If you are pregnant within 3 months, radiation can harm fetus. The greatest effect of X-ray radiation on fetus is that it can cause fetal malformations.

Is a salpingogram really painful, listen to what experts say!

Therefore, in this case, it is recommended to contact eugenics department for additional consultation. The main goal is to find out time of angiography, time of last menstruation and whether current pregnancy status is normal. it is recommended to do a B-ultrasound to understand pregnancy. Whether size of pouch matches number of days of menopause, whether you can see embryo or see initial heartbeat in corresponding week of pregnancy, a comprehensive analysis, and then decide whether to continue pregnancy.