Where does adenomyosis go, experts say truth!

For those who have never experienced "adenomyosis", they don't know how "painful" it is, especially when menstruation makes you "painful", people usually call it "cancer of undead", let them torture you. And now there are quite a lot of people suffering from this, so someone asked: “Do I need to treat adenomyosis?” Then let a professional explain to everyone.

Does adenomyosis affect pregnancy? Where does adenomyosis go, experts say truth!

In vast majority of patients with adenomyosis, course of pregnancy will be reflected, since patients with adenomyosis usually have clinical manifestations due to biologically active endometrial cells in myometrium. Ectopic lesions planted in myometrium will cause intermittent bleeding along with menstrual cycle, resulting in more clinical dysmenorrhea and increased menstrual flow. About 50% of patients will cause infertility, therefore, patients with adenomyosis, if they plan to become pregnant, are recommended to use Mirena for treatment.

What are treatments for adenomyosis?

1. Medical treatment

The main reason is use of hormonal drugs, which leads to "false pregnancy" or "false menopause" and "medical oophorectomy". This may improve symptoms of increased menstrual cycle, but treatment process with drug is long, and drug-induced amenorrhea and drug withdrawal symptoms occur;

Where does adenomyosis go, experts say truth!

2. Hysterectomy

The effect is remarkable and incidence rate is relatively low, but effect may not be very good for some patients with combined endometriosis. After a hysterectomy, there may be more problems such as early menopause, decreased libido, risk of cardiovascular disease and risk of osteoporosis, physical changes, and formation of a psychological shadow. We believe that this is more harmful than useful;

3. Laparoscopy

Laparoscopic surgery used to be gold standard for diagnosis and treatment, but laparoscopic surgery itself can lead to uterine adhesions, leading to new ectopic disease, aggravation of adenomyosis, and complicating re-diagnosis and treatment after disease onset;

4. Mirena Ring

Where does adenomyosis go, experts say truth!

It can support a certain amount of partial release of high-quality estrogen, which not only has a good contraceptive success rate, but also has a good medical effect on menstrual pain and excessive menstrual flow in adenomyosis. But this ring is not suitable for all patients. At same time, obvious bleeding from uterus is observed for three months of wearing ring. On average, bleeding is about a week. People with oily skin will have acne, and some people will have breast swelling and pain, ovarian cysts .

Is a hysterectomy required for adenomyosis?

Treatment of adenomyosis does not necessarily require removal of uterus. Treatment depends on patient's age, symptoms, and fertility requirements. If symptoms are severe, such as abdominal pain, which is very obvious and gradually worsens, and abdominal pain persists except during menstrual period, which seriously affects quality of life, a hysterectomy is required. In addition, uterus in patients with adenomyosis is very large, sometimes reaching four months of pregnancy, and at this time a hysterectomy is also required, so removal of uterus in treatment of adenomyosis should be considered depending on specific situation. patient, and it should also be based on changes Decide.