Six alarms to remind you that you are not ovulating, come and see how many you have?

As we all know, eggs must come out through follicles to be fertilized by sperm, which is also a key factor for conception, but now many women are facing anovulation, when anovulation will affect conception, so pregnant women are very worried I cannot get pregnant in future. So, how can you know you're not ovulating? The next six alarms are already quietly reminding you, so hurry up and see if you have them.

Six alarms to remind you that you're not ovulating:

Warning 1. Physical discomfort

Six alarms to remind you that you are not ovulating, come and see how many you have?

Women with ovulatory disorders will experience symptoms of physical discomfort. Most of them are mild pain in lower abdomen and soreness in waist. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. This symptom, at best, can explain number of eggs in a woman. ovulates Less quality is not good, can not be said to suffer from ovulation disorders.

Warning 2: Grumpy

The mood is relatively bad and I can't lift my spirits when I'm doing something. In addition, my temper becomes very irritable. Whenever something goes wrong, I lose my temper. It is also a symptom of women who are ovulating. disorders.

Alarm 3: Abnormal Libido

Some patients will have an increased libido that will very easily cause sexual arousal, while some patients will show hyposexuality and an almost complete lack of sexual desire.

Warning 4. Irregular Menses

Besides infertility, this is most obvious manifestation of anovulation in a woman. This can be manifested by menstrual dysmenorrhea, thinning of menstrual cycle, a decrease in number of periods, etc., and in severe patients there may even be prolonged amenorrhea.

Six alarms to remind you that you are not ovulating, come and see how many you have?

Anxiety Five: Endocrine Disorder

Ultimately, reason for lack of ovulation in women is usually due to influence of normal menstrual cycle, which leads to abnormal secretion of sex hormones, which in turn causes anovulation, which may indicate an increase in amount of body hair in women. and so on.

Alarm 6: abnormal leucorrhea

Normal women have more leucorrhea when they reach ovulation and become clear and transparent like egg white, and some may take on a silky, sticky texture. On contrary, this phenomenon is also abnormal for women. women who do not ovulate.

In addition, in women suffering from gynecological diseases, there will also be a violation of ovulation, at this time leucorrhoea will also increase. In addition, there will be discomfort symptoms such as itching and smell of vulva, which must be differentiated.

Is it possible to get pregnant without ovulation?

The answer to this question is obvious. Pregnancy requires a healthy and normal egg and at least one healthy and normal sperm. Without ovulation, no eggs are produced, and there is no way to get pregnant normally.

Six alarms to remind you that you are not ovulating, come and see how many you have?

Clinically, ovulation disorders are relatively common. It is polycystic, that is, there are several follicles in ovary, but there is no violation of ovulation, in which one follicle grows and stands out. Another thing is that follicles in ovary are almost depleted. This type of ovulation indicates a decrease in ovarian reserve and at same time it also causes ovulation obstruction or even no ovulation.

Both of these conditions result in absence of a normal egg, and a woman cannot conceive a child without ovulating a normal egg. Gametes must be needed during pregnancy. Gametes include eggs and sperm. Therefore, lack of any one batch or a decrease in quality will affect normal course of pregnancy.