There are no problems with physical examination, but why can't I get pregnant?

Many couples who are trying to conceive have no problems during examination, but after a few months or even a year they are unable to conceive, which confuses them when seeking professional treatment. So what are reasons you can't get pregnant if you check your body?

There's nothing wrong with a physical exam, but why can't I get pregnant?

1. Abnormal ovulation

There are no problems with physical examination, but why can't I get pregnant?

Ovulation is a key factor in pregnancy, but if ovulation is irregular, it will be difficult to get pregnant. As a rule, abnormal ovulation is mainly associated with menstrual irregularities and inability to detect ovulation, and in some cases, anovulation caused by insufficient function of corpus luteum. This situation will also make it difficult to conceive, so pregnant women need to normalize ovulation.

2. Immune infertility

Immune infertility refers to presence of anti-fertility immunity in a woman's body under normal conditions, which leads to infertility. Antibodies produced in serum and cervical mucus in women prevent passage of sperm through cervix and reduce chance of pregnancy.

3. Now is wrong time

Generally speaking, chance of conception in same room during ovulation is high. During period of ovulation, probability of pregnancy in same room is maximum 24 hours after ovulation. In addition, studies have shown that people who have sex between 9:00 and 10:00 pm help increase chance of conception.

There are no problems with physical examination, but why can't I get pregnant?

4. Too few times

Under normal circumstances, number of times a husband and wife have sex per month is within normal range of 6-8 times. If number of times of sex is below this value, attribute's life is meager, which is not conducive to pregnancy. It is recommended that couples who want to have children have sex within normal range, and women should not allow men to abstain for a long time, which will easily cause male sperm problems such as dead sperm and abnormal sperm.

5. Psychological pressure

Emotional changes between husband and wife are closely related to infertility. Infertility due to stress is actually most common cause. In preparation for pregnancy, both husband and wife should be in a good mood and relieve stress in order to conceive a child better and faster.

6. Bad posture

There are no problems with physical examination, but why can't I get pregnant?

Sexual position can also affect your chances of conceiving. We are familiar with male top, female bottom, side position is easy to conceive, but do you know position that is not easy to conceive? It is generally accepted that vertical position is most difficult position for intercourse to conceive. Since female reproductive organs are protruded and vaginal opening is open during sexual activity, most of semen will flow out of body when penis is removed after intercourse, and chance of conception is extremely low.

After reading above several reasons, do you understand this, especially for immune infertility, this kind of infertility cannot be detected, so doctor needs to carefully observe patient's physical condition, and then treat symptoms, well, pregnancy can occur as early as possible.