How can a baby stuck on road meet earlier?

Perhaps everyone is a little vague about this name, why don't you see it when it's blocked in road? The blockage here is not what we call "high road", but female fallopian tube, which is equivalent to a Once "road" leading to fertility door is blocked, Mr. Sperm and Miss Egg cannot meet and connect, and likelihood of having a baby will be even less. How to unblock fallopian tubes?

Why are fallopian tubes blocked?

First, inflammation: for example, pelvic inflammatory disease, purulent peritonitis, tuberculous peritonitis, etc. caused by inflammation of fallopian tubes, interstitial salpingitis or follicular salpingitis. fallopian tubes caused by this cause, clinical treatment is very difficult.

How can a baby stuck on road meet earlier?

Secondly, surgery: such as tubal ligation for sterilization, sticky tubal occlusion or plastic surgery of fallopian tubes after removal of an ectopic pregnancy, etc. can lead to tubal obstruction.

Third, others: there may be small mucus plugs, blood clots, or small fetal sacs of ectopic pregnancy in lumen of fallopian tubes, etc., which block fallopian tubes after organization, but this kind of blockage in lumen Sometimes fallopian tube can be dredge through ventilation, fluid, or fallopian tube catheter.

How to unblock fallopian tubes and let baby be born earlier?

1. Drug therapy: For patients with mild tubal obstruction, drug therapy may play a therapeutic role, but effect of drug therapy is slow and treatment is not complete.

2. Physiotherapy: Ultrashort waves improve blood circulation, eliminate tissue adhesions, improve local nutrition and cleanse fallopian tubes.

How can a baby stuck on road meet earlier?

3. Surgery: Surgery is a common treatment for tubal obstruction. There are many surgical treatment methods, and different hospitals will use different methods, patients need to choose a general hospital and choose a treatment method that suits their condition.

Precautions during surgery for obstruction of fallopian tubes:

● Precautions for tubal occlusion surgery include contraception and diet.

How can a baby stuck on road meet earlier?

● It is best to use contraception during first three months after tubal occlusion surgery. If you live in same room and do not take contraceptive measures, an ectopic pregnancy is likely, and other adverse conditions may also occur. After operation, in addition to attention to contraception, you should also adjust your diet accordingly, try to choose most nutritious foods, stop smoking and drinking alcohol.

● One month after surgery, you need to go to hospital for a salpingogram to make sure that fallopian tubes are completely unblocked so that you can properly prepare for pregnancy and not have adverse consequences in future.