What to do about poor fertility?

For couples who want to have a baby, fertility is very important. Only strong fertility can allow them to carry their own children as soon as possible, but if fertility is poor, no matter how strong body is, they will not be able to conceive, so many women have done many preparations to have good fertility, but some people are more blind. So how can you blow up your fertility?

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Method 1. Pre-pregnancy screening is very important

What to do about poor fertility?

As we all know, if a woman wants to have better fertility, she must first check her physical condition, which requires a pre-pregnancy examination. Its purpose is to check if your reproductive system is in order. If there is a problem, it can be saved in time. If there is no problem, then proceed to next step.

Method 2: Keep an eye on your ovulation period to make it easier to conceive in same room

Women will ovulate from day of their period, so generally women start at 14 or 5 years old, but time when eggs are actually used is at best reproductive age, that is, 23-30 Ovulation age is more suitable. If a woman wants having children in recent years, she should know her ovulation time so that it is easier to get pregnant. Women with a stable menstrual cycle can have intercourse 14 days before their period or 15 days after their period. Women with menstrual irregularities can monitor ovulation with ovulation test strips or B-ultrasound, and determine time of ovulation.

Method 3. The best time of day to conceive

What to do about poor fertility?

During ovulation period, it is best to have sex once every 1-2 days, and chances of conceiving will vary depending on time of day. most likely to get pregnant. Because during this period of time, viability of male spermatozoa is relatively strong, and female eggs will also be released at this time. Therefore, for some couples who find it difficult to conceive, if they have intercourse during this time period, chances of pregnancy will be much higher.

Method 4. Posture during intercourse is very important

Foreplay is very important if you want to have more "sexual happiness" in one room, and for couples planning to conceive, position of one room is also very important. faster fertilization of sperm and eggs. But editor reminds everyone that comfort is most important thing.

Method 5: Lie down immediately after intercourse

What to do about poor fertility?

I often hear people say that lying on your feet after intercourse can increase your chances of conceiving. In fact, this kind of statement is not entirely correct. After intercourse, while you lie flat on bed for about 15 minutes, you do not need to twist your legs to sky, this can also be effective. After 10-15 minutes, sperm has almost reached cervix.

I talked so much, remember? If you are trying to conceive, try these methods. If you have been trying to conceive for a year and have not conceived, you should fallopian tube or other reproductive organs. If there is a problem with organ, you should go to regular hospital in time for examination and treatment so that you can welcome your baby as soon as possible.