Is thin endometrium a sexual disorder? The real reason is "it"

We all know that endometrium is a key condition for implantation of fertilized eggs. Too thin or too thick endometrium will affect conception. Therefore, if you want to conceive a child, you must ensure that thickness of endometrium is within standard. Sisters with thin endometrium, at this time, neighbors in neighborhood will say that they live in a mess, so there will be a flow of people, is it because of this? Let's look together.

Who is culprit of thinning of endometrium?

Culprit 1: Wrong lifestyle

Is thin endometrium a sexual disorder? The real reason is "it"

Staying up late is a relatively normal habit, whether young or old, people have a habit of staying up late now, and if women stay up late for a long time, it will lead to endocrine disorders in body, thus affecting menstrual instability which leads to thinning of endometrium. In addition, bad eating habits are also a key factor leading to serious endocrine disorders, so if you want to have a normal endometrium, these bad habits must be eliminated.

Second culprit: inattention to warming during menstruation

Summer will come in one or two months. In such a hot summer, many girlfriends who love beauty always wear light and thin clothes. Sometimes they wear clothing that exposes navel, even during menstruation. Although in this way you really become beautiful. But it is easy to catch a cold, which will lead to poor circulation and, finally, damage to endometrium. Therefore, you should warm up well during your period and not be greedy for cold to make your endometrium healthier.

Is thin endometrium a sexual disorder? The real reason is "it"

Third reason: Negative emotions are often present

You should know that people's emotions are a key factor in their health. Many people get sick because of a bad mood. Frequent anger and stress affect their health. However, long-term negative emotions, such as stress in women, will lead to endocrine disorders in body, which in turn will affect thickness of endometrium, therefore, when preparing for pregnancy, women should ensure that they have a good mood, even if they suffer from infertility, but also positive about it so that you can get pregnant as soon as possible.

Is a thin endometrium also a factor in a promiscuous lifestyle? Is thin endometrium a sexual disorder? The real reason is "it"

Thin endometrium is sometimes caused by induced abortion, but this does not mean that girls live immodestly. In many cases, it may be because they do not want a child, which leads to an abortion. Therefore, when a girl does not intend When you have a child, you must take contraceptive measures so that you can protect yourself and child, and this would be more beneficial for future pregnancy.