Why endometrium "runs away from home" The culprit in it

Maybe everyone is wondering why a good endometrium "runs away from home"? Under normal conditions, endometrium is well kept in uterine cavity, and during pregnancy, endometrium plays a very important role, so only normal endometrium remains in uterus. But today we will talk about endometrium, which "runs away from home."

Why does endometrium “run away from home”?

1. Wrong operation

Why endometrium "runs away from home" The culprit in it

Choose right methods of contraception and avoid dirty surgeries. If repeated abortions are repeated, it is easy to cause intrauterine infection, cervical or intrauterine adhesions and lead to secondary infertility. In addition, many women in their 30s and 40s who have never given birth, have inconsistent sex lives, and are emotionally depressed are often prone to uterine fibroids.

2. Impure sex life

You should exercise restraint in your sexual life and put an end to unclean sex life. The uterus suffers most when women have sex. During unclean sex, some bacteria and viruses can enter uterine cavity through vagina, causing infection of endometrium, leading to uterine infertility.

3. Intensive exercise

Take good care of your uterus to prevent a retrograde uterus, avoid excessive exercise, and balance work and play.

4. Menstrual irregularities

Why endometrium "runs away from home" The culprit in it

Pay attention to changes in menstrual cycle. If you find a menstrual irregularity, or a sudden increase in whiteness compared to your previous menstrual changes, you should consult a doctor in time, and do not hesitate and do not guess in your heart!< /p> How to prevent endometriosis?

1. Pay attention to adjusting your emotions, keep an optimistic and cheerful attitude, and make body's immune system function normally.

2. Keep warm and avoid colds, sexual activity is prohibited during menstruation, and avoid strenuous sports and heavy physical labor.

3. Take contraceptive measures when fertility is not needed and minimize induced abortion and curettage.

Why endometrium "runs away from home" The culprit in it

4. During menstruation, pay attention to personal hygiene, control your emotions and do not sulk.

The treatment of patients with endometriosis should be determined according to patient's own condition and need to ensure fertility. All patients and their friends with above symptoms should actively go to hospital for examination. If diagnosis is endometriosis, aggressive treatment. In order not to delay preparation for pregnancy and time of pregnancy.