How can a woman accurately determine day of ovulation if she ovulates once a month?

Women trying to conceive are most worried about how to accurately determine day of ovulation. There are 12 months in a year, but there is only a chance of ovulating once a month, so every ovulation period Take opportunity to have sex, hoping to get pregnant as soon as possible. However, many pregnant women cannot find their ovulation day, which affects pregnancy. So, how to know your exact ovulation day and get pregnant?

Semi-quantitative test strips for accurate measurement of ovulation

It is relatively easy for girls with regular periods to determine their own ovulation day. They can calculate it according to their menstrual cycle. The 14th day before next aunt arrives is what we often refer to as ovulation. The ovulation period is first 4 and 5 days after day of ovulation, for a total of 10 days.

How can a woman accurately determine day of ovulation if she ovulates once a month?

As a sister with menstrual disorders, above method may not work, so some people will use test strips to calculate ovulation, but accuracy of ovulation test strips is not very high, so today I recommend a semi-quantitative test paper. , this kind of test paper is more accurate than ordinary ones,

When a regular ovulation test paper gives a strong positive result, you can switch to a more sensitive semi-quantitative detection test paper and check it every 4-7 hours:

First location: when semi-quantitative measurement of ovulation peak occurs at an LH value of 65; second location: when semi-quantitative LH value decreases from 65 to 25, this means that ovulation has occurred. When you use these two best opportunities for intercourse, spermatozoa can basically find fresh eggs to connect with, and chance of a good pregnancy is very high!

Why is semi-quantitative rate of a good pregnancy high? How can a woman accurately determine day of ovulation if she ovulates once a month?

This is because semi-quantitative ovulation test is more sensitive than conventional ovulation test. The LH value determination range is 0–65 mIU/ml, which allows detecting every small change in LH with an accuracy of one hour and is synchronized with B-ultrasound. This can help find fresh eggs and avoid sexual intercourse once eggs have matured.

What should I pay attention to when ovulating?

1. During period of ovulation, pain in lower back, lower abdomen, soreness of mammary glands often occur - all these are normal phenomena, so you should not worry too much and cause emotional stress. In general, prevent irritation or mood changes, ensure a good mood and ensure adequate sleep.

2. When ovulation period comes, body secretions will also increase and lower body will become wet, so pay attention to hygiene at this time to avoid breeding of too many bacteria and infection. Pay attention to cleanliness of genitals and wash them in a timely manner. At same time, avoid excessive loads, pay attention to rest and warm up.

How can a woman accurately determine day of ovulation if she ovulates once a month?

3. It is best to choose pure cotton underwear during ovulation, which is more conducive to breathability, softness and comfort. At same time, underwear should be changed and washed frequently, and underwear should be exposed to direct sunlight when drying, which has the effect of sterilization.

4. During ovulation, you should pay attention to your diet, eat more nutritious foods and avoid cold and irritating foods. Be sure to drink plenty of water and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement your nutrition.