Eager to find a "baby"? Scientific preparation for pregnancy can get us pregnant as soon as possible!

It's different now than it used to be. Previously, birth of a child took minutes. Some mothers could give birth to several children in a row. There will always be many posts about how to "get pregnant" in hope that I can get pregnant as soon as possible, but doing only these things is completely unscientific. We must scientifically prepare for pregnancy every day so that we can get pregnant as soon as possible.

If you want to get pregnant earlier, you must master following skills:

01. If you can't get pregnant, don't say you can't!

Eager to find a "baby"? Scientific preparation for pregnancy can get us pregnant as soon as possible!

Many couples who are trying to conceive fail to conceive after months of trying to conceive and feel that something is wrong with their health and they cannot conceive. The clinical definition of infertility generally means no pregnancy after more than one year of normal intercourse without contraception, so don't be too nervous if you don't get pregnant within a few months, or it might not be time, but if you haven't been pregnant for over a year then you should consider going to hospital for an examination to see if there are medical problems. Early detection and early treatment can lead to early pregnancy.

At same time, while preparing for pregnancy, you should relax and exercise properly to help you conceive well.

02. Find out your ovulation period

As we all know, ovulation is key to conception. Therefore, sisters preparing for pregnancy must accurately determine their ovulation period, for sisters with stable menstruation, it is 1 time in 28 days, so ovulation period will be on 14th day of menstruation. But if menstruation is irregular, this method is not reliable, we can control it with ovulation monitoring, ovulation symptoms or ovulation test strips so that we can find our own ovulation day.

03. Pay attention to diet

When preparing for pregnancy, pay attention to a balanced diet, eat more foods high in protein and fiber, eat less fried and spicy foods, because excessive consumption of fried and spicy foods will cause stomach discomfort and also affect baby's nutrition after pregnancy and exacerbate symptoms such as constipation and hemorrhoids.

Eager to find a "baby"? Scientific preparation for pregnancy can get us pregnant as soon as possible!

In addition, you should also eat less high-sugar foods, which not only easily cause glucose metabolism disorders, but also easily cause gestational diabetes during pregnancy, which endangers health of mother, and will also have some effect on development of child. .

04. Scientific preparation for pregnancy, pregnancy examination is necessary

In terms of prenatal and postnatal care, all couples who are planning to conceive a child, including those who have already had a child, should receive preventive examinations to prepare for pregnancy. Examination to prepare for pregnancy differs from routine medical examination, mainly to examine reproductive system and genetic factors.

Thanks to pregnancy test, we can not only fully understand state of health of body, but also avoid genetic diseases and prevent birth of malformed children.

Early detection, early intervention and early treatment can also be achieved for some asymptomatic diseases, bring body and mind to best condition, and plan pregnancy under guidance of doctors to avoid potential problems and risks, and reduce adverse pregnancy outcomes and occurrence of malformations fetal development.

05. If you want to get pregnant, you must meet following conditions

Eager to find a "baby"? Scientific preparation for pregnancy can get us pregnant as soon as possible!

Women have normal ovulation and egg quality is up to standard;

The quantity and quality of sperm and sperm of male meet standards;

At least one fallopian tube is unblocked and sperm can reach fallopian tube and fertilize egg;

A fertilized egg can be transferred into uterine cavity through fallopian tube and successfully implanted;

The above are a few small scientific methods of preparing for pregnancy. Hope they help everyone. Pregnancy takes time, and this does not mean that it will one day be successful. Get pregnant early.