Warning! These lifestyle habits can reduce female fertility

For sisters who want to have children, fertility is very important. Good fertility can help you get pregnant, while poor fertility makes it difficult to conceive. Therefore, if we want to get pregnant early, we must have good fertility. Fertility, but in recent years, some bad habits have led to a decline in fertility. What are bad habits? Let's get a look.

A few lifestyle habits that cause reduced fertility:

Bad Habit 1: Staying up late often

Warning! These lifestyle habits can reduce female fertility

Now staying up late has become norm for young people, but staying up late for a long time will bring great harm to body, especially for sisters who are preparing to conceive. The chance of getting pregnant is very small, and some people even experience infertility.

Bad Habit 2: Too Many People

Abortion itself is very harmful to body, but for some young girls it is like a routine. Some girls even had multiple abortions, but they do not know that damage to reproductive organs is very serious. They may even be infertile for life, so sisters must purify and protect themselves.

The third bad habit: long-term smoking

Some women like to smoke and think that smoking is fashionable, but it is not. Cigarettes contain nicotine and nicotine, these two substances can easily cause systemic vascular disease, and it is also very easy for women to miscarry in first trimester.

Warning! These lifestyle habits can reduce female fertility

During second trimester, smoking can easily lead to pregnancy-induced hypertension. What's more, long-term smoking can also disrupt endocrine system, affect ovarian function, and cause infertility.

Bad Habit Four: Excessive Pressure

Although it is said that age can affect a woman's ability to conceive. However, even for women of childbearing age, if they are under excessive mental stress for a long time, it will also affect function of ovaries, causing ovaries to stop producing hormones and ovulation. It can also interfere with normal menstruation, lead to menstrual irregularities, and cause infertility.

Bad Habit 5: Childbearing age is pushed back again and again

Warning! These lifestyle habits can reduce female fertility

Age also affects female fertility. In medicine, optimal age for female fertility is considered to be 25-30 years. Fertility begins to decline slowly after age 30 and declines rapidly after age 35. About 87% of women lose ability to conceive after 44 years.

The above are a few bad habits that affect fertility. I hope that after reading this article, pregnant women can get rid of them as quickly as possible, which will be a great help for pregnancy.