Prolonged infertility, your baby may be "blocked" on road

Preparing for pregnancy does not happen overnight. Some people can successfully "walk ashore" after preparing for pregnancy once or twice, but some parents-to-be may not have a baby after six months or even a year of pregnancy. There are many factors that affect pregnancy, but most common in clinical practice is blockage of fallopian tubes. Once fallopian tubes are blocked, baby will be blocked in way, so why is this happening?

Fallopian tubes are blocked Several blocking factors:

First, inflammatory factors lead

Prolonged infertility, your baby may be "blocked" on road

There are more and more abortions now, if abortion is not done properly, it will easily lead to infection, which will lead to prevalence of gynecological inflammation, and some common gynecological diseases will also cause inflammation if not treated properly, so inflammation will easily spread to fallopian tubes, causing adhesions of fallopian tubes, resulting in blockage of fallopian tubes.

Second, causes of endometriosis

Dysmenorrhea is not alien to women. Every time I visit my aunt, she will be accompanied by dysmenorrhea, but if sudden dysmenorrhea is severe, it may be due to endometriosis. If left untreated for a long time, it will be associated with fallopian tubes, causing blockage of fallopian tubes, it is difficult to get pregnant in this way.

Third, with congenital malformation of fallopian tubes

Prolonged infertility, your baby may be "blocked" on road

There are always patients who ask, "I've never been pregnant, why do I also have blocked fallopian tubes?" In fact, this is a congenital disease. However, this situation is very rare.


1. Maintain cleanliness and hygiene; if women want to avoid blockage of fallopian tubes, they should pay attention to cleanliness of their genitals, change their underwear in time after washing, and not share towels and washbasins with others to avoid cross-infection.

2. Sexual intercourse should be moderate; some couples frequently have sex every week, which can easily introduce external bacteria and viruses into vagina and cause blocked fallopian tubes. Therefore, I hope that everyone should have intercourse in moderation and wash thoroughly before intercourse in order to maintain best quality of intercourse and prevent blockage of fallopian tubes.

Prolonged infertility, your baby may be "blocked" on road

3. If there is no need for pregnancy, it is necessary to pay attention to effective contraceptive measures during intercourse in order to avoid abortion due to unwanted pregnancy.

4. Daily isolation is also very important!!!