Women stop doing these things and be careful not to block your fallopian tubes!

For women who are trying to conceive, it is very important that fallopian tubes are unblocked, because this is channel that connects sperm and eggs to meet and unite. Once blocked, it will affect pregnancy, but now many women do it. Pay no attention to their bodies. Bad behavior can lead to clogged fallopian tubes, so what is it? Let's get a look.

What behavior can lead to blocked fallopian tubes?

01. Abortion infection

Women stop doing these things and be careful not to block your fallopian tubes!

Young girls' awareness of protection is currently relatively low, especially when they are with their boyfriends, they are even more "promiscuous", but this will lead to abortion, and multiple abortions have resulted in many young women suffering from obstruction fallopian tubes. tube Therefore, in absence of family planning, contraceptive measures should be taken.

02. Unhealthy eating

Frequently eating spicy, raw, or cold foods, especially during menstruation, women who do not avoid raw or cold foods are also prone to blocked fallopian tubes. In addition, in cold weather, you should keep your stomach warmer so as not to catch a cold in your lower back and stomach.

03. Menstrual love

Some people have a high libido, so they hope to have it every day, even during their period, but this is very bad for body, because sex during period can easily lead to vaginal bacterial infection, pelvic inflammatory disease and blockage . fallopian tubes.

Women stop doing these things and be careful not to block your fallopian tubes!

04. Sedentary lifestyle

When many white collar workers go to work, they always sit in their chair for long periods of time without moving, which can easily block pelvic venous return, cause excessive congestion and blockage of fallopian tubes. Women who often sit in office are encouraged to get up and walk around in their free time or engage in physical exercise after work, such as running and yoga.

05. Poor menstrual hygiene

During menstruation, women's resistance is weakest and they are most vulnerable to external infections. Therefore, during menstruation, you should change sanitary pads frequently, wash your underwear frequently, and keep your private parts clean and dry.

Is it possible to get pregnant with obstruction of fallopian tubes?

Women with blocked fallopian tubes usually cannot get pregnant. This is because sperm and eggs cannot naturally meet and combine to form a fertilized egg after blockage of fallopian tubes, so such women cause a secondary disease due to obstruction of fallopian tubes infertility.

Women stop doing these things and be careful not to block your fallopian tubes!

If a woman's fallopian tubes are not severely blocked, she may consider laparoscopy in conjunction with a guidewire for fallopian tube dredging. After dredging fallopian tubes, such women can become pregnant naturally.

However, if a woman's fallopian tubes are severely blocked due to fallopian tuberculosis, and adhesions in pelvis are also particularly severe, in this case, timely surgery cannot drain the fallopian tubes, so if such women want to become pregnant, they often have to perform transplantation of a child from a test tube.