These 4 situations manifest on body, beware of uterine diseases

Many of our female friends take good care of house they live in and clean it every day, but they ignore their womb's "house" and often do things that harm womb, leading to various gynecological diseases. If these 4 conditions appear on body, there may be a problem with uterus.

4 conditions suggest that the uterus is abnormal

First, aunt's color gets deeper

These 4 situations manifest on body, beware of uterine diseases

You know, our aunt is actually same color as blood we normally bleed, so when your aunt is that color it means our womb is relatively healthy. But if your aunt's color is dark or black for several months in a row, then you should pay attention to it. It is likely that there is a disease in uterus. Endometriosis or an ovarian cyst may be easier, and it may be harder. This is uterine cancer, so we must be vigilant.

Secondly, abdominal pain worsened during pregnancy

As we all know, every time you come to your aunt, you will be accompanied by dysmenorrhea, but constitution is different for everyone, so the degree of pain is also different, but most of them last a short period of time. At this time, you just need to warm up. However, if you suffer from uterine problems, menstrual pain is much more severe than dysmenorrhea and will last longer, and you may even experience gastrointestinal discomfort and vomiting.

These 4 situations manifest on body, beware of uterine diseases

Thirdly, my aunt's cycle is broken

Our aunts are relatively regular each month. For example, menstruation this month falls on 24th. Then next month will basically come at that time. Don't worry too much about short, irregular periods. It may just be irregular. menstruation That's all. However, if there is a long-term irregularity in cycle, such as sudden cessation of menstruation or more than two months between two periods, this may be a problem with uterus and should be checked in time.

Fourthly, there are more aunts than usual

These 4 situations manifest on body, beware of uterine diseases

In fact, there is a standard for women's menstrual flow. The normal medical menstrual cycle is 40-60 ml, and if it exceeds 100 ml, it means that menstrual cycle is too long. If menstrual cycle suddenly increases, it means that there is a disease in uterus. You should go to hospital for an examination as soon as possible.

Uterine diseases cause great harm to patients, so girlfriends should pay attention to maintaining uterus, in order to avoid these diseases in uterus, especially uterine cancer, it may be late after detection, so we must pay attention to uterine prevention.