Did you know that these girls with premature ovarian failure share same habit!

We always see news like this on TV: "Three out of five female college students have premature ovarian failure." with premature ovarian failure will reach 57,000, and in 2021 this figure will be 56,000 with a cumulative annual increase of 1.9%. This type of disease poses a serious threat to a woman’s health and cannot be ignored. Regular check-ups are necessary for early prevention , detection and timely treatment.

In fact, they all do same thing behind their backs. What it is?

First of all, staying up late is normal

Did you know that these girls with premature ovarian failure share same habit!

In recent years, staying up late has become a unique symbol of people. 80% of young people have a habit of staying up late, but a long false bed not only exhausts people's physical strength, but also affects their health. Especially for girls, prolonged late bedtime will cause premature ovarian recession, which will eventually lead to female infertility or more serious consequences, so I advise everyone to try not to stay up late.

Secondly, excessive love for beauty, fashionable clothes never leave body

Some women are blindly chasing shapes and wear tight corsets for a long time to create an S-shape. If young girls or women who are difficult to ask to wear corsets, not only development of ovaries, but also development of mammary glands and pelvis will be affected for a long time, which will easily lead to infertility, breast hyperplasia, cysts and other diseases. . The win outweighs win!

Third, ignore contraception and have multiple abortions

Did you know that these girls with premature ovarian failure share same habit!

Abortion advertisements are very good nowadays, such as painless, minimally invasive, medical abortion, many people think that abortion surgery is not a big deal. In fact, when a woman is pregnant, levels of estrogen and progesterone in body will rise, and abortion will cause estrogen and progesterone levels to plummet. Although physical injury may soon heal, regularity of hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis is disturbed. If frequency is too high, ovary will shrink.

Fourth, bad living and eating habits

Women who fall asleep after 11 p.m. will suffer from lack of sleep and poor quality sleep, which will affect body's immunity and lead to menstrual irregularities. Long-term use of weight loss drugs or contraceptives can cause malnutrition, and can also cause malnutrition in process of protein deficiency. Girls in puberty who wear pantyhose can also cause ovarian retardation and even damage.

Fifth, psychological factors

Did you know that these girls with premature ovarian failure share same habit!

Bad emotions lead to a decrease in secretion of immunoactive substances in women, with strong mood swings and mental arousal, they can cause changes in central nervous system, thereby causing premature ovarian failure. Factors in development of disease will also be frequent business trips and a change of scenery. Under pressure of long life, work and emotional life, endocrine dysfunction and menstrual disorders require special attention from women.

First of all, what everyone often does is stay up late. Everyone should know about dangers of going to bed late. Therefore, in order to avoid premature ovarian failure, girlfriends should avoid staying up late, maintain good living habits, and persevere in sports to be younger and more beautiful.