This may be a signal of premature aging of the uterus in underwear

As a woman, I know importance of uterus, because uterus can not only give rise to a new life, if uterus is damaged or aging, it will also directly affect our health problems, so early maintenance of uterus is a must for every woman. It should be done, but there are always women in life who do not pay attention to maintenance of uterus, which leads to premature aging of uterus. If you find "it" in your underwear, it may be a sign of premature aging of uterus, so treat it quickly.

With aging of uterus there will be 2 changes of underwear

First type, whiteness on underwear is abnormal

This may be a signal of premature aging of the uterus in underwear

I guess sisters still have a certain idea about leucorrhoea. Most women will have leucorrhea, but under normal circumstances, women's leucorrhea will be clear or light yellow with a slight fishy odor. The smell, but you can't detect it. if you don't look closely. But if whites on linen suddenly become yellowish-brown or similar to tofu, and also emit an unpleasant odor, then your uterus is aging. If you do not treat it in time at this time, this will aggravate aging of uterus, so it needs to be treated in time

Secondly, there is suddenly more "pubic hair" on underwear

Pubic hair in women can actually protect lower body from bacterial infection. Sometimes we can see one or two pubic hairs falling out from under underwear. This is actually quite normal, but if you find yourself in your underwear, so you must be vigilant. This is due to fact that after aging of uterus in body, endocrine system will be disrupted, which will lead to changes in environment. At this time, the hair follicles cannot absorb enough nutrients and will fall off.

So how do we support our uterus?

1. Gynecological examination should be carried out regularly

This may be a signal of premature aging of the uterus in underwear

Although living conditions are better now, but people have more bad habits, especially women, and are also more likely to get gynecological diseases, so regular gynecological examinations are very necessary, especially in genital area, such as uterus, uterus is very fragile, small carelessness can lead to uterine fibroids, cervical cancer, cervical erosion, etc. Once detected, it should be treated as soon as possible.

2. Sitting for a long time is very bad for uterus

You know, these white-collar workers usually sit in office, and sit for eight hours. If they sit for a long time, it will impede blood flow. Endometrial hyperplasia and even severe endometriosis will directly affect health of body, so girls who sit for a long time should get up and move.

3. Eat more cereal

This may be a signal of premature aging of the uterus in underwear

A healthy diet is also good for uterus, for example, cereals rich in folic acid can effectively prevent cervical disease. It has been shown that among female friends suffering from cervical disease, more than 30% of women Eat amount of vitamin C and folic acid that taken by women is lower than that of normal women, so it is useful to eat cereals.

The above content is related to insertion of uterus. Hope he can help you. Many women do not know how to save uterus. It is better to try these methods. If uterus is already "sick", please treat it in time to avoid delays. The condition only complicates treatment.