A woman with a "clean" uterus often has 4 characteristics!

For a woman, uterus plays a very important role. She can not only give rise to a new life, but also preserve women's health. Therefore, many young women started early care of uterus, and many women do not know how to do it. In order to know if our uterus is “clean”, in addition to going to hospital for an examination, we can also determine it by some of its own characteristics.

What are characteristics of a woman with a "clean" uterus?

Sign 1, skin is ruddy and tender

A woman with a "clean" uterus often has 4 characteristics!

Many girls in life often have dull skin, dull complexion, easy hair loss, insomnia, lack of energy and blood. It is very likely that uterus has stretched, which has led to an increase in volume of menstrual blood and metabolic disorders in body. The uterus is healthy and clean, blood circulates, and surface of skin will look smooth and tender, which also means that you will save uterus.

Feature 2, underwear is clean and not yellow

Underwear is our most intimate. It can not only protect our intimate parts from injury, but also determine if we have gynecological diseases. This is because discharge on underwear is clearly visible. If discharge appears If it is yellow and thick, there may be problems with uterus. At this time, you should consult a doctor in time. But if discharge is white and transparent, then uterus is healthy and there is nothing to worry about.

A woman with a "clean" uterus often has 4 characteristics!

Function 3. No blood clots during menstruation

Menstruation is something all women go through. Under normal circumstances, girls with a normal uterus do not have blood clots in their menstrual blood, which means that uterus has good circulation. The uterus can remove debris and toxins from uterus in a timely manner, so environment of uterus will be clean and healthy.

Function four, accurate menstrual cycle

A woman with a "clean" uterus often has 4 characteristics!

Due to impact of current life habits, girls' menstrual cycle will be greatly affected, and of course, this will affect health of uterus. If your menstrual cycle is very accurate, then your uterus is working very well, and menstruation itself has its own rules, if you disturb its balance, then menstruation will be abnormal.

If you have above four characteristics, it means that your uterus is healthy and you have nothing to worry about, but if opposite is true, you should go to a regular hospital in time for treatment. .