How do older women grow eggs well?

Late marriages and late childbearing are now popular. Most of them are busy with their careers before starting their personal affairs. However, late childbearing is really bad for health of sisters, especially for girlfriends over 35 years old. At this time, ovaries are already weakening. The road is going downhill, so quality of eggs will also decrease significantly, so if you want to get pregnant, then you must improve quality of eggs, so how can you improve quality of eggs of eggs?

Follow following 4 points, to improve egg quality and not

First, you need to exercise more

How do older women grow eggs well?

Exercise is an important factor in improving egg quality, especially for older women whose egg quality is deteriorating, so exercise is even more important. We can do some aerobic exercise such as running, brisk walking, swimming, jumping rope, etc. In the long run, this can not only improve physical fitness, but also promote follicle growth and improve egg quality.

Second point: iron supplements

Blood usually contains a lot of iron. In women, monthly menstruation can also lead to iron loss, which can improve follicle health and ensure adequate egg nutrition. So if you want to keep your eggs healthier, you can eat more iron-rich foods like spinach and animal organ meats during your period.

How do older women grow eggs well?

Third point: Eat more estrogenic foods

Estrogen-rich foods are mostly nuts. Eating more nuts can relieve women's physical and mental stress and help balance estrogen secretion. The most common nuts are chestnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and so on. Nuts contain unsaturated fatty acids, which help a woman's ovaries to be nourished and produce good eggs.

Point four: stick to a good schedule

How do older women grow eggs well?

I think most people have a habit of staying up late. They get very tired from working during day, and at night everyone will have some time for themselves, so they will use night to do what they like, but by doing this, you pass time. Some even play until three or four in morning As everyone knows, frequent bedtime affects egg quality and causes a rapid decline in ovarian function, so we should avoid late sleep.

The above content is a brief introduction to improving egg quality for older women. I hope it can help everyone. If your eggs are of poor quality, you can try methods above. child as early as possible, it is recommended to switch to regular reproduction Professional treatment is carried out in hospital so that you can become pregnant as soon as possible.