Well, pregnancy is delayed, go to hospital for these 4 checks!

Some pregnancy partners have made all preparations in preparation for pregnancy, but they have not noticed any movements in abdomen for a long time. What is problem? You can go to a regular hospital in time for an examination, find out cause, and treat symptoms accordingly so that you can welcome your baby as soon as possible.

So what checks should I do if I'm not pregnant?

1. B-ultrasound: Many problems associated with female infertility can be checked with B-ultrasound, because B-ultrasound can accurately identify many types of problems, including hydrosalpinx, uterine masses, uterine muscle tumors, and ovarian cyst edema. If ovarian cysts appear, it is necessary to re-check on 5th-6th day of menstruation, if uterus is deformed, it is necessary to do a V-ultrasound at onset of menstruation.

Well, pregnancy is delayed, go to hospital for these 4 checks!

2. Medical examination of women: The medical examination of women is main content of medical examination of women. It can be carried out at any time, except for period of menstruation, including with exfoliated cells in uterine cavity and when examining uterus. If necessary, it is necessary to perform seeding of pathogens in cervical secretion in order to know in real time whether woman has inflammation or deformity, whether cervical erosion is serious.

3. Ovulation induction test: With ovulation induction test, you can find out condition of follicles. There are many ways to test for ovulation, including basal body temperature and pregnancy test strips, but there is a big difference between two. The former may have a difference of 2-3 days when counting ovulation, while latter may not have symptoms such as follicle rupture and luteinization or polycystic ovaries if antinuclear antibodies are positive, but in fact there is no ovulation at all.

4. Endocrine examination: There are many hormones associated with pregnancy, such as reproductive hormones, which need to be checked 3-5 days after menstruation and specifically done in morning; other endocrine tests such as thyroid hormones and anti-Müllerian hormones. blood tests for hormones can be taken at any time, if you want to check ovarian function, you need to check progesterone a week before your period.

How do couples properly prepare for pregnancy?

1. Take folic acid

Well, pregnancy is delayed, go to hospital for these 4 checks!

Women should start taking folic acid supplements during pregnancy. The Chinese Dietary Guidelines recommend that women of childbearing age begin folic acid supplementation no later than three months before pregnancy, with a daily supplement of 0.4 mg until end of pregnancy. Men can also take appropriate folic acid supplements. In addition, protein, zinc and vitamin E are key foods for men during pregnancy.

2. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol

Smoking and alcohol are very harmful to spermatozoa. Women who smoke and drink can also damage egg. Before pregnancy, you must quit smoking and drinking alcohol, and both husband and wife must quit. In addition to quitting smoking and alcohol, it is also best to get rid of some bad life habits such as staying up late, sedentary lifestyle, drug abuse, etc.

3. Get a good pre-pregnancy check-up

Pre-pregnancy screening is for prenatal and postnatal care to deliver a healthy baby, and may also better rule out potential pregnancy risks for expectant mothers.

4. Ovulation Period Calculation

Ovulation is easiest time to conceive in same room, usually 14 days before your next period. If your menstrual cycle is unstable, you can use an ovulation test paper to see if you will ovulate soon and then plan to conceive.

Well, pregnancy is delayed, go to hospital for these 4 checks!

5. Calm down

Preparing for pregnancy doesn't have to be as easy as it is in movies and TV shows. If you have failed once or twice, don't lose patience and don't despair.

The above content is a few checkpoints about infertility. I hope you don't blindly seek medical help. It is recommended to go to a general fertility hospital or a tertiary hospital for examination or treatment so that healing time is reduced. be faster.