How do dominant eggs develop? See if you have such indicators?

Many people want to have quality eggs in order to quickly conceive a healthy and smart child, but in real life, eggs of many pregnant women are not so good, and some of them are not even up to standard will directly affect conception. So how can we grow dominant eggs?

A few characteristics of a dominant egg:

The egg is large: normal dominant follicle grows relatively large, its diameter is about 16–24 mm. If follicles do not develop well, cannot come out, or do not rupture, pregnancy will be affected.

Ovum is round: dominant follicle is a "fat man". If B-ultrasound shows that it is not round and flat enough, it may be of poor quality.

How do dominant eggs develop? See if you have such indicators?

Only one ovum: there is only one dominant follicle, although it is small, it is enough. Some women do not have dominant follicles in their ovaries, and some women develop multiple follicles in their ovaries, but none of these follicles can truly mature, and in both cases, they cannot conceive.

How do dominant eggs develop?

01. Choose right age for pregnancy

The optimal age for childbearing in women is 23-30 years, fertility decreases with age. With increasing age, in addition to a decrease in receptivity of uterus, main reason is a change in quality of egg, including a change in chromosomal and cytoplasmic composition of egg, which leads to a decrease in ability of egg to fertilize and an unfavorable pregnancy outcome. Therefore, women who have family planning should plan their time as early as possible.

02. Correction of eating habits, balanced nutrition

How do dominant eggs develop? See if you have such indicators?

In everyday life, we must stop smoking and drinking. Long-term bad habits will affect ovarian function and reduce chance of pregnancy. Even if you are pregnant, likelihood of fetal abnormalities increases significantly. Therefore, women should reduce alcohol consumption, especially pregnant women, give up alcohol three months in advance, eat more soy products and iron-rich foods. Black beans contain phytoestrogens "soy isoflavones", which can regulate endocrine system in body and slow down aging of ovaries, and iron can just provide enough nutrition for eggs.

03. Exercise right way and stay up late

The meaning of life in sports. Appropriate exercise can improve a woman's fitness and ensure egg quality. But often staying up late disrupts biological clock in body, affects endocrine environment, and leads to an imbalance in hormone secretion, which leads to ovarian dysfunction and affects egg maturation and ovulation; an important cause of premature ovarian failure in women.

04. Maintain a reasonable weight

Typically, a woman's body fat level should be maintained within 22%-25%. When body fat levels are low, estrogen secretion in body is reduced, which affects proliferation of follicles and endometrium; resistance, polycystic disease, irregular menstruation and other diseases lead to impaired ovarian function.

How do dominant eggs develop? See if you have such indicators?

05. Keep a good mood and quality of eggs will be better

Women in modern workplace are often overburdened. When stress persists, body produces large amounts of a “worry hormone” called cortisone, which aggravates stress. Excessive secretion of this hormone disrupts initial hormonal balance, which leads to endocrine disorders and affects ability of ovaries to ovulate. Therefore, proper stress relief while preparing for pregnancy can help you "get pregnant."

The above are some of characteristics and methods about ova. I think everyone understood this. If many pregnant women encounter poor egg quality, in addition to recovering with nutritional supplements, you can go to general hospital in time, and doctor will have specific circumstances to help you achieve your pregnancy goal.