Woman's ectopic pregnancy turned out to be "made" by a man!

I believe that all pregnant women want to get pregnant as soon as possible, but some women experience "ectopic pregnancy" during pregnancy. In fact, an ectopic pregnancy means that embryo does not grow and develop in uterus, but goes to other places to develop, usually fallopian tube. Once embryo gets too big, it ruptures fallopian tube, causing massive bleeding, and in severe cases even life threatening. So why do women have ectopic pregnancies? Most of them are "made" by men.

A woman's ectopic pregnancy was actually "made" by a man!

1. Men do not cooperate with women in matters of contraception

Woman's ectopic pregnancy turned out to be "made" by a man!

Men do not cooperate with women in field of contraception, which leads to unwanted pregnancy and miscarriage in women, which leads to obstruction of fallopian tubes and ectopic pregnancy

Now there are couples who do not plan to have children after wedding. But in married life, men only care about their feelings and do not cooperate with women in matters of contraception. For example, refusal to use condoms leads to an unwanted pregnancy for a woman, after which she has to choose an abortion. Women who have had an induced abortion are at high risk of inflammation and blockage of fallopian tubes. Therefore, when a woman becomes pregnant again, it can lead to an ectopic pregnancy.

2. Men do not pay attention to hygiene

Men do not pay attention to hygiene, sexual intercourse can easily lead to bacterial infection in women, gynecological inflammation and ectopic pregnancy.

Woman's ectopic pregnancy turned out to be "made" by a man!

If a man does not take care of hygiene in advance, bacteria will be transferred to woman, causing gynecological inflammation in woman, preventing normal passage of fertilized eggs and causing an ectopic pregnancy. If a man really loves his wife, he should take good care of personal hygiene before intercourse, this is minimum respect for his wife. If a man cannot even take care of his own hygiene, a woman should unequivocally reject irresponsible behavior of her partner and call on her husband to correct him.

3. Men are too rude, which makes women nervous

When a woman is in a married life with a man, if man is too rude or does not respect opinion of woman, woman will always be in a state of tension, which will have a greater effect on hormone secretion and egg activity. As a result, after connection of spermatozoa and eggs, fertilized eggs are formed, which are difficult to implant on uterine wall, but are implanted in ectopic cavity, or directly implanted in fallopian tubes.

Woman's ectopic pregnancy turned out to be "made" by a man!

Therefore, male friends are not advised to be too reckless in their married life, and they must fully respect opinion of woman and protect her feelings, otherwise likelihood of an ectopic pregnancy will increase.

The above are some of the causes of an ectopic pregnancy. If you do not want your wife to have an ectopic pregnancy, you must get rid of these bad habits, take good care of your personal hygiene and be gentle with your wife so that you can give birth to a healthy and intelligent child.