Does a woman have gynecological diseases, it can be seen from your underwear!

The most common diseases in women are gynecological diseases, most of which are gynecological inflammations. These diseases are not very serious, and with active treatment they can recover quickly. But many women do not know how to know they have gynecological diseases, in fact, they only need to observe their underwear more to know. So, how to know about state of your health by your underwear?

How to know about your state of health from your underwear?

1. When meeting yellow underwear

Does a woman have gynecological diseases, it can be seen from your underwear!

Underwear should be discarded after prolonged wear, as it easily causes illness. If you don't change it often, you may be in big trouble. However, I believe most people have experienced yellow underwear. Women will wipe it down with paper towels after urinating, but this will leave urine residue in their underwear. Urine drips onto underwear and turns yellow. Urine is slightly acidic, and human urine and feces soak into underwear and turn yellow. If, after wiping with a paper towel after comforts are over, yellow color still appears, it may be a gynecological inflammation. If leucorrhoea increases, it will be accompanied by itching in vagina.

2. Underwear smells bad

I just changed my underwear in morning, and soon there was a bad smell. All of these situations should be taken seriously. Normally, vagina is odorless. If there is a smell, it means sour. At same time, foamy whites appear on linen, which is Trichomonas vaginitis. If color is whiter yellow, smell is obvious, genital area is red, swollen, burning, and also manifests itself as frequent urination, imperativeness and painful urination, then this is bacterial vaginosis.

3. There are traces of blood on underwear

Does a woman have gynecological diseases, it can be seen from your underwear!

During your period, even if you use sanitary pads, your underwear will still have blood stains. Eliminate menstrual period. If at other times blood stains inexplicably appear on your underwear, you should pay attention to this. there may be cervical erosion or cervical polyps.

How should it be configured and maintained?

1. Good living habits are very important

Do not bathe or swim in public areas to prevent cross-contamination. You should also pay attention to wearing less tight trousers and jeans during normal times, and try to choose as many cotton underwear as possible.

2. Regularly undergo a gynecological examination

As a rule, women are not sensitive to abnormal symptoms of leucorrhea, and some people even have abnormal symptoms but never notice them. Therefore, regular gynecological examinations should be performed, and it is best to have a comprehensive gynecological physical examination annually.

Does a woman have gynecological diseases, it can be seen from your underwear!

3. Keep exercising and eat a sensible diet

Insist on exercise, improve physical fitness and enhance body's immunity. Female friends should pay attention to eat more light and easily digestible foods in terms of diet, and avoid eating cold, spicy and sour foods.

The above are a few points on how to detect gynecological diseases and conditioning methods. I hope this helps you. Gynecological diseases are very common diseases. Once detected, they must be treated on time and not delayed. severity of disease.