I can’t get pregnant all the time? Follicular dysplasia is to blame!

I've already met patient. She tried to get pregnant for three years but was never pregnant. She took traditional Chinese medicine and had her fallopian tubes checked. No problem. She later contacted me. After examination, it turned out that these were follicles. Poor development affected a successful pregnancy. Why do you have such a disease? How can you get pregnant when follicles are poorly developed when you are trying to conceive? Let me analyze it for you.

Who caused poor development of follicle?

Reason 1: Why do follicles develop sluggishly? Most of them are caused by diseases, and our ovaries are cause of all this. It will mature, and in severe cases it will become smaller and smaller. Therefore, if you want to find out cause of underdevelopment of follicles, you need first check if it is caused by premature ovarian failure.

I can’t get pregnant all the time? Follicular dysplasia is to blame!

Reason 2. In addition to common preterm ovarian failure, which can delay development of follicles, polycystic disease is also cause of delayed follicle agenesis, and characteristic of polycystic disease is that there are several follicles in ovary, so follicles in crowded it will not be able to grow , which will affect ovulation and therefore not be able to conceive.

Third reason: in addition to above two factors, dysfunction of thyroid and adrenal glands is also most common factor that determines poor development of follicles. Of course, if you are faced with such a situation, timely treatment is best method, specialists will help you get pregnant as best as possible quicker.

Three main signs of follicular dysplasia:

Characteristic is one, aunt is wrong

I can’t get pregnant all the time? Follicular dysplasia is to blame!

As we all know, aunts are a major factor in female fertility and health, and this is also linked to ovarian health. When you find that your aunts are irregular, you should be vigilant and go to hospital, check if follicles are underdeveloped.

Function 2: Palace Chill

We must know that 80% of women have a cold palace, and this will reduce pregnancy rate in women, and in severe cases even cause infertility. The uterus and ovaries are closely related, so if there is a problem with uterus, it will also lead to poor ovarian function, which will eventually lead to poor development of follicles.

Sign 3. Pain in lower abdomen

I can’t get pregnant all the time? Follicular dysplasia is to blame!

I think all sisters know that during ovulation and menstruation there will be pain in lower abdomen. If infection is not cured, it is easy to cause pelvic congestion and affect phenomenon of follicle agenesis.

In short, women must protect their ovaries and uterus to avoid follicular dysplasia in order to ensure a good pregnancy in time.