It turns out that you have a thin endometrium that you "made" yourself!

We all know that endometrium is a key factor for implantation of fertilized eggs. Once endometrium becomes thinner, fertilized eggs cannot successfully implant into uterine cavity and women cannot become pregnant. Many women are puzzled. How can there be a thin endometrium? In fact, most of them are self-made. Let's look at some of reasons for thinning of endometrium.

Several reasons for thinning of endometrium:

1. Re-abortion and curettage

It turns out that you have a thin endometrium that you "made" yourself!

In clinic, it is often observed that women's fertility is affected by multiple induced abortions or curettage, and menstrual volume after surgery is significantly reduced, up to amenorrhea. The main reason is that mechanical operation damages basal layer of endometrium, which leads to poor growth of functional layer or even its complete loss. This is most important factor in thinning of uterine lining.

Second, often gets angry

Some women have a bad temper and are even often angry and emotional in life. These negative emotions can also affect thickness of uterine lining and even cause damage. If mood is always irritable and irritable, it can cause endocrine disorders in body, which will affect secretion of hormones in body and cause bad endometrium. Especially during pregnancy, if you want to keep normal thickness of endometrium, you must adjust your mentality, which is more conducive to pregnancy.

Third, low hormone levels

It turns out that you have a thin endometrium that you "made" yourself!

The thickness of lining of uterus varies with menstrual cycle. The female menstrual cycle is mainly dependent on hormones. If production of hormones in body is disturbed, lining of uterus may become thinner. Therefore, if this problem occurs in your body, you may want to add estrogen to your life so that your endometrium can slowly return to its normal thickness.

How to adjust thin endometrium?

01. Relax and get some sleep. Tension, palpitations, vasoconstriction, uterine nutrition will be insufficient, endometrial growth will be suppressed. So what should I do: sleep well, fall asleep before 11:00 pm, ensure 7-8 hours of sleep and feel alert in morning without feeling tired.

02. Enjoy family life. The frequency of sexual intercourse 2-3 times a week can be moderately increased during period of ovulation. The sexual arousal of two people, pelvic cavity is full, and nutrition comes in. The endometrium is nourished, and it will naturally grow well.

03. If gynecological inflammation is detected, it must be identified and treated at an early stage to avoid ascending infection of inflammation; for women who do not need to have children, contraceptive measures should be taken to avoid induced abortion as much as possible to reduce damage to endometrium.

It turns out that you have a thin endometrium that you "made" yourself!

04. Generally speaking, it is difficult to detect thin endometrium during routine gynecological examination. In clinical practice, transvaginal ultrasound (vaginal V-ultrasound) is usually used. Therefore, if a woman has symptoms of an unexplained decrease in her menstrual cycle, she should go to a regular hospital as soon as possible .

The above are a few causes and treatments for thinning endometrium. I think everyone has already figured it out. If you are still worried about pregnancy, you should go to hospital in time to find out cause and treat symptoms. This is only way to effectively solve these problems.