The few fruits queen hates most are all your favourites!

The uterus is an important place for a woman to give birth, as well as an important indicator of maintaining regularity of menstrual cycle, so many young girls always pay attention to condition of their uterus and seek medical help. on time if any anomaly happens. But some friends are more careless about what they eat. They don't know which foods, if eaten too much, will harm uterus. Today I will tell you which fruits, if eaten too much, will harm uterus.

What fruits can damage uterus if eaten too much?

1. Watermelon

The few fruits queen hates most are all your favourites!

Watermelon is most popular fruit in summer. Its icy taste instantly relieves summer heat. Watermelon contains more water, which can effectively replenish body water and increase basal metabolic rate. Since watermelon is cold in nature, prolonged consumption of watermelon will have a very adverse effect on a woman's uterus, causing cold and moisture to enter uterus and cause excessive damage to Yang energy in women. For health of uterus, try to eat less watermelon.

2. Hawthorn

Hawthorn is an appetizing fruit. In winter, candied hawthorn fruits turn out sweet and sour, they are loved by men, women and children. Hawthorn has an invigorating effect on spleen and stimulates appetite, but it is also a fruit that easily causes colds, so it should not be eaten by women during menstruation.

Acidic fruits have an astringent effect. Consumed in large quantities, causes blood clotting in body, darkens menstrual blood, reduces menstrual flow and aggravates dysmenorrhea. For health of uterus and ovaries, friends are advised not to eat hawthorn during menstruation.

The few fruits queen hates most are all your favourites!

3. Dragon Fruit

There are two types of dragon fruit: red dragon fruit and white dragon fruit. Many people say that red dragon fruit is sweeter. In fact, nutritional value of red meat dragon fruit and white meat dragon fruit is relatively high, but female friends are not recommended to eat them during menstruation. Since dragon fruit is a cold fruit, eating it during menstruation will make uterus colder, which will harm your health and aggravate dysmenorrhea.

4. Carambola

Carambola is a southern fruit, its shape is very beautiful, especially when cut into a five-pointed star, it looks very appetizing. Carambola is rich in vitamin C. Proper use of carambola can supplement vitamins, but carambola contains neurotoxins, which is detrimental to liver and kidney health. as little as possible, otherwise it is easy to exacerbate problem of palace cold.

5, blueberries

The few fruits queen hates most are all your favourites!

Blueberries are cold fruits. If you eat too much, it is easy to cause diarrhea and stomach pain. Especially girlfriends during menstruation should not eat more blueberries. Since blueberries are a cold fruit, excessive consumption of blueberries during menstruation can easily lead to dysmenorrhea and other ailments.

The above are some types of fruits that harm uterus. I hope my friends should eat as little of these fruits as possible. We can eat more foods like black dates, dried mulberries and wolfberries. very useful for body, they can not only warm palace, but also preserve health of a woman.