If a woman has 3 pathological phenomena, be wary of occurrence of cervical cancer

The uterus is an important organ for women's health and fertility. Many women take care of their uterus in advance to keep it healthy, but there are always young girls who don't pay attention to their body, especially health of uterus, etc. It is very wrong to know how to save her when she is abnormal. Once cervical cancer occurs, it causes great harm to women and even threatens human life. Therefore, when following three situations occur, you should go to hospital in time for treatment to make sure that you have cervical cancer.

If a woman has 3 abnormal phenomena, be on lookout for cervical cancer!

1. Abnormal vaginal discharge

If a woman has 3 pathological phenomena, be wary of occurrence of cervical cancer

Actually, abnormal leucorrhoea in women is also most obvious sign of cervical damage, because women produce small amounts of leucorrhea each day, and leucorrhea is also a barometer of women's health. By some manifestations of leucorrhoea, you can also find out if a woman's body is healthy. If leucorrhea is found to be abnormal, mixed with blood, or has an unpleasant odor, it may be an early sign of cervical cancer, because when cancer cells enter our body, it affects bodily functions and damages uterus, thereby affecting secretion. whiter.

2. Abdominal pain

In fact, many female friends, even if they don't have a period, experience abdominal pain from time to time. However, if you are not menstruating and have frequent abdominal pain that gets worse, you should look into it. It may not be pure pain, but it can also be caused by a cervical lesion. When cervical cancer occurs, cancer cells damage uterus, cause malignant tumors, affect our pain nerves, and cause abdominal pain.

3. Bleeding in family life

If a woman has 3 pathological phenomena, be wary of occurrence of cervical cancer

I believe many women may have experienced this situation, but there will be obvious vaginal bleeding after intercourse, and some people think it is caused by friction caused by too intense intercourse. But if behavior doesn't cause bleeding after intercourse, it could be cervical cancer. When cervical cancer occurs, it leads to contact bleeding during intercourse, so we must pay attention to this situation.

How to prevent cervical cancer?

1. Implement late marriage and family planning to avoid early marriage, early childbearing and fertility.

2. Pay attention to sex life: earlier, more often, more sexual partners, more likely it is to be infected, youngest cervical cancer is only 16 years old!

3. Actively treat gynecological diseases such as chronic cervicitis, cervical erosion, leukoplakia, polyps and infections such as Trichomonas and fungi in genital tract.

4.Men should pay attention to cleanliness of foreskin.People with excessive foreskin should undergo surgical treatment and should be cleaned before sex.

5. Regular medical checkups. Screening for cervical cancer once a year for sexually active women can reduce risk of cervical cancer by 50%.

If a woman has 3 pathological phenomena, be wary of occurrence of cervical cancer

6. Early introduction of HPV vaccine.

7. Early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment.

The above content is a relevant introduction about cervical cancer. Cervical cancer causes great harm to women, so we must take preventive measures. As soon as you find above three phenomena, you should immediately consult a doctor to find out cause and treat symptoms, only in this way can be cured as soon as possible.