Once pregnant? If you do these 4 things well, you can get pregnant next month.

For women who are trying to conceive, ability to get pregnant quickly is a very encouraging thing, but with constant improvement in quality of life, pregnancy rate is declining, which has led to many people not being able to conceive, some due to disease factors, and some too worry and have not found right method. In fact, if everyone does following four things well, a good pregnancy will soon knock on door.

What are these four things? Let's take a look together.

First, you need to determine period of ovulation

Once pregnant? If you do these 4 things well, you can get pregnant next month.

In fact, if you want to get pregnant quickly, it is more important to choose right time to conceive. It is well known that women are more likely to get pregnant during ovulation. Therefore, if a woman wants to understand her ovulation period, she can find her ovulation period using ovulation test paper, basal body temperature test and menstrual delay algorithm, and have intercourse during her ovulation period to increase her pregnancy rate.

In addition, best time of day for conception is 17-19 hours. At this time, quality and quantity of male spermatozoa can reach a peak, and in women, ovulation occurs easily at this time. This is because sexual intercourse can also increase chances of conception.

Second, pay attention to frequency of intercourse

To increase likelihood of pregnancy in women, it is necessary to ensure quality of sexual life and frequency of sexual intercourse. However, even during period of ovulation, it is not suitable for frequent sexual activity, otherwise it can lead to weakness in a man and a decrease in quality of sperm, which also does not contribute to conception of women. Generally speaking, during period of ovulation, every two to three nights of intercourse increases likelihood of pregnancy.

Once pregnant? If you do these 4 things well, you can get pregnant next month.

Third, don't get up immediately after having sex, let alone take a shower

This is done to increase degree of sperm and egg combination and increase pregnancy rate in women. Women should lie on bed for as long as possible and lift buttocks with pillows, which can reduce flow of sperm to a certain extent and allow sperm to enter woman's body As soon as possible.

Fourth: alkaline body conditioning

Once pregnant? If you do these 4 things well, you can get pregnant next month.

When women prepare for pregnancy, women can get pregnant quickly by changing their physique. You can adjust your constitution to be alkaline, which can effectively increase chance of a sperm and egg pairing, thereby increasing your pregnancy rate. Therefore, during pregnancy, women can eat more alkaline foods to maintain an alkaline environment in body, which can effectively promote success of pregnancy.

If you do above four things and still haven't gotten pregnant, it could be infertility caused by disease factors. At this time, you should go to regular hospital for treatment in time so that you can welcome your baby as soon as possible. as much as possible.