Poor egg quality? 5 Ways to Quickly Improve Egg Quality

Many pregnant couples want a high quality baby, but in order to have a healthy baby, they need high quality eggs. The eggs and sperm enter uterus through fallopian tubes to be considered truly pregnant. But now girls often have bad behavior, which leads to a permanent decline in egg quality, which affects conception. Therefore, it is very important to improve quality of eggs. So, how can we improve egg quality? Let's look at answers below.

5 Ways to Improve Egg Quality

Trick number one: Childbearing age is critical

Poor egg quality? 5 Ways to Quickly Improve Egg Quality

You should know that ovaries gradually decrease with age. Under normal conditions, after 40 years, ovaries decrease. It is also difficult to have children during this time. Therefore, it is more appropriate to give birth only at right age. As a rule, best time for a woman to have a baby is from 23 to 30. At this time, woman's reproductive system is in best condition and is easy to imagine.

Trick two: proper exercise is good for pregnancy

Probably everyone knows how important exercise is for health of body. They can not only boost immunity, but also improve egg quality. Therefore, couples planning to conceive should insist on moderate physical activity, which is very useful. to pregnancy. Do aerobic exercise such as jogging, brisk walking, swimming and so on.

Third trick: intercourse during menstruation is very dangerous

Poor egg quality? 5 Ways to Quickly Improve Egg Quality

Due to fact that menstruation lasts for several days, many girlfriends sometimes cannot resist sexual intercourse, but do not know that this will cause various diseases. In this case, it is not beneficial to improve quality of eggs, but quality of eggs will be reduced. Therefore, sexual intercourse during menstruation is a “forbidden zone.” Girls should not hurt their bodies for sake of momentary pleasure.

The Fourth Measure: Healthy Pregnancy Easier

You know, a healthy body is more conducive to pregnancy, so when couples are preparing for pregnancy, they must ensure that they are in good health so that quality of eggs is very good. Only high-quality eggs combined with sperm can conceive faster.

The fifth measure: pregnancy requires a balanced diet

Poor egg quality? 5 Ways to Quickly Improve Egg Quality

Diet is very important in preparing for pregnancy as it can not only boost immunity but also improve egg quality, especially certain foods that help improve egg quality. For example: black beans, soy milk, fruits and vegetables, etc. They are very useful for improving quality of eggs, so it is recommended to eat more.

The egg is most important condition for a woman to give birth to a child. Without quality eggs, it is difficult for a woman to conceive a child. Therefore, ensuring egg quality while preparing for pregnancy is an advantage. period to make sure you can keep your baby as soon as possible.