"Pregnancy gas" is very bad, it turns out that these factors "interfere" with it

Good luck or not, there are many factors, but most people will throw this question to "God", and for people with bad "pregnancy" don't blame "God". He does not take this blame. In fact, there are a lot of factors that lead to a bad "pregnancy", today editor will talk in detail about reasons for this.

What are causes of a bad pregnancy?

Culprit 1: Multiple miscarriages

"Pregnancy gas" is very bad, it turns out that these factors "interfere" with it

Do you believe it? Each miscarriage increases chance of infertility by 3-5% because a miscarriage damages endometrium, making it difficult for fertilized eggs to "implant" and many women have had a miscarriage. If baby is not well rested after surgery, it is more likely to cause blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, and other conditions that make it difficult for women to conceive.

Culprit 2: Age

When it comes to age, I don't think anyone wants to age slowly, but it's a natural law and we can't change it. But in order to have children, we can choose to have our own children at right age. Generally, women 23-30 years old as best childbearing age. After they turn 35, reproductive system will gradually decline, so pregnancy rate is also will increase. So it is best to have children at childbearing age.

Culprit 3: caused by mental stress

"Pregnancy gas" is very bad, it turns out that these factors "interfere" with it

When I first started trying to conceive, everyone was in a good mood, but after a few months, I think everyone couldn't help it and wanted to know why they couldn't conceive. They always thought about these problems, but they didn't know Too much mental stress is also a culprit that can lead to infertility, so let's not take pregnancy as a task, maybe you don't want it to come.

Culprit 4: caused by pathological factors

In fact, many non-pregnant people are caused by disease factors such as tubal obstruction, endometrial disease, gynecological inflammation, premature ovarian failure, PCOS, etc. These are common factors that affect pregnancy, so when they appear we need timely symptomatic treatment, so that we can get pregnant early.

Culprit 5: Caused by Bad Habits

"Pregnancy gas" is very bad, it turns out that these factors "interfere" with it

Today, most young people have bad habits, and for women who are trying to get pregnant, some bad habits are culprits that ruin a good pregnancy, such as what we often do: stay up late, smoke, drink, etc. Staying up late can lower body's immune function and affect egg quality Smoking and drinking can lead to menstrual irregularities and endocrine disorders, which are also major causes of infertility.

Therefore, when you cannot get pregnant, you should check if it is due to above factors. If it is a disease factor, you should go to hospital in time for treatment. But if habit factors affect it, it needs to be changed in time.