Do you know 4 small ways to raise uterus?

The uterus is an important place for women to have children, as well as a "barometer" of women's health. Many women retain uterus at an early stage. It is also fastest way to prenatal and postnatal care. Only by making uterus healthy, menstruation will be regular, so ovulation will be regular, but if uterus is damaged, it will be difficult for a woman to conceive a child. So, how can we save our uterus? Let's take a look together.

4 simple ways to save uterus

1. Regular inspection

Do you know 4 small ways to raise uterus?

With regard to health of every organ in body, we must be aware of it. For women's health, it is very important to see if endometrium is thickened. Therefore, if you want to protect your uterus, first thing you need to do is check it regularly to prevent diseases before they occur. Don't overlook importance of a physical exam.

Second, Sanyinjiao foot bath

The Sanyinjiao point is one of ten main points. Periodic massage of this point can not only revitalize spleen and blood, regulate functioning of liver and kidneys, but more importantly, regular massage of this point is very beneficial for women and can relieve gynecological diseases. illness. Now that winter has come, you can soak your feet in hot water before going to bed, and water level in your feet will overflow sanyinjiao point for about 20 minutes. Soaking your feet in sanyinjiao for a long time can support uterus.

Do you know 4 small ways to raise uterus?

3. Exercises to maintain uterus

Why exercise can support uterus? This is because during exercise, people can improve blood circulation in uterus. When circulation in uterus is good, uterus will be healthy. Here I will teach you exercise method for maintaining uterus: 1. Find a yoga mat, sit on yoga mat, and then press soles of your feet together, move your hands back to balance your body, and push it down. drop your knees as low as possible. Feel muscles adapt and move your knees up and down like butterfly wings. Regular performance of such exercises can warm up uterus and regulate endocrine disorders in body.

Fourth, go to bed early and wake up early

Do you know 4 small ways to raise uterus?

For women, if they stay up for a long time, it will affect women and cause endocrine disorders in women, resulting in abnormalities of endocrine system in women. When female endocrine system is abnormal, it is not conducive to health of uterus. What we should do is pay attention to maintaining good work and leisure habits, go to bed early and get up early, and rest when time is right. This not only promotes rest of various organs of body, but also contributes to maintenance of uterus.

The above are a few small methods to maintain uterus. I hope they can help everyone. In addition to above methods of maintaining uterus, we must also avoid bad habits such as sleeping late, excessive weight loss and sitting for a long period of time, because these bad habits also cause the uterus to cause injury.