Why are more and more women trying to conceive? The experts tell truth

You know, women are born with a mission, so they have authority to give birth to a child. The appearance of a child can not only revive whole family, but also make a full-fledged woman out of them. But as time goes on, more and more women are having difficulty conceiving. Why? Today, I'll help you figure out details.

The main causes of difficulties with conception in women are as follows:

1. Habitual abortion

Why are more and more women trying to conceive? The experts tell truth

Women with many miscarriages will have a big impact on their future fertility and will easily lead to miscarriage or miscarriage. Recurrent miscarriage refers to phenomenon of fetal arrest or stillbirth occurring more than twice in a row during a single pregnancy, which is categorized as infertility.

2. Endocrine disorders

Bad living habits can easily lead to endocrine disorders in women. If women often have endocrine disorders, it is easy to cause irregular menstruation and ovulation disorders. , which leads to a decrease in reproductive capacity and difficulty in conception.

3. Gynecological diseases

Typically, before a couple is ready to have a baby, they go through a physical to make sure both parties are in good health before having a baby. However, if a pre-pregnancy examination reveals uterine dysplasia or gynecological diseases in a woman, this will also affect chances of conception.

4. Fallopian tube infertility

Why are more and more women trying to conceive? The experts tell truth

The fallopian tubes are one of important parts of female reproductive organs. They play an important role in transporting sperm, receiving eggs, and sending eggs to uterus. If a woman's fallopian tubes are blocked or not smooth, they cause female infertility. Tubal infertility is also a common disease of modern women, so women should pay attention to personal hygiene, in addition, during menstruation, female immunity will be relatively weak.

5. Irregular work and rest

It can be said that not many boys and girls stay up late. Eleven or twelve is early for them. If someone makes an appointment to play, even if you have to go to work next day, you won't feel tired. On weekends they can do whatever they want and play whenever they want. Either way, they don't have to go to work next day.

How can women prevent infertility?

First, pay attention to self-defense

Take care of your body and stay away from radiation as much as possible. Radiation is extremely harmful to women's health. Regular exposure to radiation can affect a woman's ovarian function and cause damage to uterus. Self-defense can save a woman from infertility.

Second, sex life should be limited

Women should pay attention to frequency of sexual activity. Frequent and excessive sex life has a great impact on female body. Excessive sex life affects a woman's physical and mental health and easily causes gynecological diseases. Gynecological inflammation is main cause of female infertility, gynecological inflammation is very harmful to female body, so women should pay attention to the prevention of gynecological diseases.

Why are more and more women trying to conceive? The experts tell truth

Third, to minimize occurrence of diseases of genital organs

Women should pay attention to protecting their reproductive organs, clean them during intercourse, avoid unnecessary illness, and minimize gynecological surgeries. Frequent gynecological operations are likely to cause abdominal infection, which in turn causes various gynecological inflammations, thereby increasing incidence of female infertility.

The above content is a few reasons and preventive measures for women who find it difficult to conceive. Hope it helps everyone. Pregnancy is not immediate, it also requires skills, so we can also read more articles on pregnancy preparation skills to increase the chances of pregnancy.