Why is pregnancy so difficult? These five reasons are culprits

I find that a lot of little sisters want to be super fertile in preparation for pregnancy so they don't have to go through these hard pregnancy experiences, but not all little sisters have this body type and many little sisters have been trying to get pregnant for months Why can't I get pregnant even for several years These causes are culprits and should be avoided.

What are causes of female infertility?

First, too old

Why is pregnancy so difficult? These five reasons are culprits

We usually emphasize importance of having a baby during peak fertility. This is due to fact that reproductive organs age with us. The quality of sperm and eggs decreases, and likelihood of chromosomal mutations increases. Not suitable for pregnancy either. Even if pregnancy is successful, chances of pregnancy complications, miscarriages and premature births increase.

Second, too much pressure

If a woman is under too much stress and has high levels of certain enzymes in her body, she will have difficulty conceiving. Prolonged mental stress and psychological stress will disrupt work of woman's endocrine system, not only affect quality of the eggs, but also lead to ovulation disorders. Under normal circumstances, women ovulate once a month, while women with ovulatory disorders may ovulate every few months or even not ovulate.

Third, multiple threads

Why is pregnancy so difficult? These five reasons are culprits

One thing you must remember is that abortion is not a cure for self-indulgence. If you do not plan to become parents, you must take contraceptive measures. Girls need to take better care of themselves. After all, harm caused by abortion is not temporary, but has a great impact on their health. After repeated miscarriages, it can even lead to infertility.

Fourth, being overweight

Being too fat or too thin will lead to endocrine disruption that will affect ovulation and then conception. Even after a successful conception, it can affect development of fetus. If future father is overweight, this will affect the quality of sperm, which also does not contribute to conception. Therefore, future parents planning to conceive, in preparation for pregnancy, should control their weight within reasonable limits.

Fifth, bad habits

Why is pregnancy so difficult? These five reasons are culprits

There aren't many young people with good living habits these days! You may object to me, but bad habits such as sedentary lifestyle, staying up late, partial eclipse, diet, overeating, urinary retention and lack of exercise, do they explain much to you? These bad habits, even if they are singled out, in severe cases can lead to infertility.

After reading above reasons, do you feel like some of them still do it on their own? If you are planning to have children, you should change your life habits in time, stay up late, exercise more and maintain a good attitude, this is best way to conceive a child.