If you find that women have these qualities, it's easy to overwhelm them, how many do you have?

Many girlfriends want a body that is easy to conceive so that it is very easy to conceive, but not all women are born with a body that can conceive at first touch, most of them try to conceive for several months or even years to conceive their own child . So, what are features of women predisposed to pregnancy, let's figure it out together.

If a woman has these characteristics, she is easy to hit

Characteristic 1: A woman who loves sports

If you find that women have these qualities, it's easy to overwhelm them, how many do you have?

As you know, people who love sports are in good physical shape and are less likely to suffer from palace colds and diseases, so ovaries and uterus of pregnant women will be healthy, and pregnancy will be easier. But if women do not like sports, especially like to wear clothes that expose navel, it is easy to cause a palace cold. When uterus becomes cold, ovaries are affected, there are also problems with ovulation, and it is not easy for women to get pregnant.

Function two: standard weight

I believe that most women know that being overweight affects not only their beauty, but also their health. Women who plan to become pregnant will find it difficult to conceive. For these fat women, eating more and not loving sports is their biggest natural enemy. If a woman is too fat, endocrine system will be disrupted and ovulation will be abnormal, so pregnancy rate for women will decrease. There are also some people who consider thinness beauty. While it may make you lose weight, try any method, including diet, to lose weight. But being too thin can also affect hormone levels and pregnancy. Therefore, if you want to hold your baby as soon as possible, you must be at correct weight.

Function 3. Stable menstrual cycle

If you find that women have these qualities, it's easy to overwhelm them, how many do you have?

Some women may not be aware that stable menstruation can not only lead to normal ovulation, but also affect thickness of endometrium. When a woman ovulates normally, before entering uterus, she will check if uterine endometrium is suitable for implantation. If it is within normal range, it will implant smoothly, but if endometrium is too thick or too thin, it will not implant.

Characteristic 4: There is no cold problem in palace

The female uterus is an important place for conception of fetus. If a woman is sick with a palace cold, this may mean that it is difficult for a woman to conceive a child, especially lower back, stomach and navel of a woman are afraid of cold. If you often experience abdominal pain during your period, it is most likely caused by a cold palace. In this case, it is necessary to make timely adjustments so as not to delay preparation for pregnancy.

The fifth characteristic: the best duration of pregnancy

If you find that women have these qualities, it's easy to overwhelm them, how many do you have?

The best childbearing age for women is 25-29 years old, no later than 35 years old, best childbearing age for men is 27-32 years old, no later than 38 years old.

With age, physical functions will continue to decline, which will also affect fertility. Not only will chance of conception decrease, but risks for older mothers will also increase, and it will be more difficult for body to recover. Both men and women are more likely to have offspring when they are at their optimal reproductive age.

Have you accepted all of above characteristics? If you have all of above characteristics, congratulations, you will get pregnant easily, but if not, don't be discouraged as long as you live a normal life and go to the regular hospital on time, I believe you can get pregnant soon If you are pregnant, remember to relax because your mood depends on whether you can get pregnant.