Why are there more and more infertile women, and what are reasons?

During era of our mothers, country limited new population, especially restrictions on second and third children. It can be said that every family at that time will have at least two children, but over time, country gradually opened up policy of two children and three children, but barren ones are getting more and more. Why is that? Let's see.

Why are there more and more infertile women?

1. Frequent flow of people

Why are there more and more infertile women, and what are reasons?

According to data, about 42% of female infertility cases are associated with frequent abortions, and every time a woman has an abortion, likelihood of infertility increases by 3%. If such a situation arises, artificial termination of pregnancy will cause great damage to endometrium and even affect endocrine system, leading to impaired ovarian function.

2. Too much pressure

Despite fact that standard of living of people has improved, many work and life pressures leave women suffocating. If they are in an environment of anxiety, tension and worry for a long time, it will affect their endocrine system, endocrine problems, hormonal disorders, ovulation function also has problems. It will also affect fertility and even lead to infertility. Moreover, excessive stress will lead to a deterioration in quality of sleep, which will also affect functional recovery and affect organs such as ovaries, uterus, and pelvic cavity.

3. Sedentary lifestyle for a long time

Why are there more and more infertile women, and what are reasons?

Prolonged sitting is also an important factor affecting female fertility. Currently, many women work at computer for a long time, and prolonged sitting depresses pelvic cavity, which leads to poor blood circulation. In addition, genitals are airtight and easily multiply by bacteria that cause various gynecological diseases, including pelvic and uterine problems. However, if there are problems in uterine and pelvic cavity and poor blood circulation, this will affect release of eggs, and even a successful pregnancy will lead to unsuccessful embryo implantation.

4. Too fat or too thin

Do not think that only obesity affects body. Excess weight is also one of main causes of female infertility. Excessive thinness will lead to a decrease in ovarian function, and impaired ovulation function will lead to menstrual irregularities, which in turn will affect fertility. Obesity can cause endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders lead to polycystic ovary syndrome, affect conception.

5. Stay up late often

Why are there more and more infertile women, and what are reasons?

Many women often go to bed late. While sleeping late may refresh you for a while, prolonged late waking will make your body overwhelmed, which can easily lead to hormonal imbalances, endocrine disruption, ovarian dysfunction, abnormal egg growth and development, and even metabolic disorders. violations and disorders of ovulation.

By explaining the above content, I think everyone knows why so many young women suffer from infertility. Lifestyle habits are a key factor during pregnancy.