Women don't want to get old, they have to "rule" their ovaries

As we all know, ovaries are source of a woman's "youth" and an important organ for maintaining fertility. Only healthy ovaries can help a woman look younger and increase fertility. When ovaries fail prematurely, skin aging begins in women. in some cases, menopause occurs early, so if a woman does not want to go into menopause early, she must "manage" her ovaries. So, how to maintain ovaries?

To maintain ovaries, you must complete following 5 points!

1. Good mood

Women don't want to get old, they have to "rule" their ovaries

Keep exercising, because a healthy body is material condition of our happiness. After an illness, people's mood will be in a negative state, which is not conducive to improving condition, so when we are in a bad mood, we can consciously change subject or do other things to divert our attention in order to get relief.

2. Additional phytoestrogens

Drink more milk and eat more fish, shrimp and other foods. Rich in phytoestrogens, these foods can compensate for effects of insufficient estrogen secretion on female body. In addition, under guidance of a physician, medicines that nourish liver and kidneys, nourish qi and blood, such as Shouwu, Rehmannia glutinosa, and Astragalus membranaceus, can be taken.

3. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables

Women don't want to get old, they have to "rule" their ovaries

Vitamin C, E and carotene are best anti-aging elements. Carotene can keep human tissue or outer layer of organs healthy. Sisters who often get acne should treat it like a good friend. Vitamins C and E can delay cellular aging caused by oxidation so that a youthful appearance is maintained for as long as possible.

4. Eat more protein

Proteins are associated with building and repairing human tissues and maintaining immune function, but it should be noted that land animal meats are usually high in saturated fats, which can make you gain weight. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce consumption of meat from terrestrial animals, and lean dairy products, legumes, fish and shrimp can be used as main sources of protein.

5. Stay away from cold and spicy food

Women don't want to get old, they have to "rule" their ovaries

Many women simply cannot control their mouth and eat a lot of cold drinks or ice cream. Women who love spicy food have to mix spicy food with every meal before enjoying meal. Such eating habits cause qi stagnation, blood stagnation. , cold wet stagnation and finally lead to irregular menstruation. Therefore, while maintaining ovaries, spicy, cold and irritating foods should be avoided.

If premature ovarian failure occurs, it is irreversible, so patients who want to have a baby should have a baby as early as possible, and doctor will help you get pregnant by inducing ovulation. If we want to delay aging, we can also delay it with treatment, but we must follow doctor's advice so that the effect is better.