A Woman With A Diseased Uterus May Have These 4 Facial Expressions, I Hope You Don't Have Them

The uterus is an important place for women to give birth, with it fetus can safely grow in it, but if internal environment of uterus is not good, fetus cannot survive in it, and fertilized egg cannot survive. The uterus is implanted, so preservation of uterus is most important task. So, if uterus is out of order, what will happen to face?

A woman with a bad uterus will have these 4 facial expressions

① Skin haggard and yellow: Qi and blood disharmony

A Woman With A Diseased Uterus May Have These 4 Facial Expressions, I Hope You Don't Have Them

When a woman's face is haggard and yellow, it is possible that uterus is damaged, resulting in a decrease in body's ability to circulate blood, and body's qi and blood are not in harmony; Timely removal from body, a distress signal is sent.

So, when complexion is haggard and yellow, you should pay attention to maintaining uterus. You can often eat food that replenishes qi and blood, promotes blood flow, and can also relieve adverse phenomenon of uterine discomfort.

② Dark circles appear on face: uterine congestion

Dark circles on face can be caused by staying up late, but they can also appear when uterus is damaged. This is due to congestion in uterus. After damage to uterus, circulation of uterus will also be reduced. During a woman's menstrual cycle, menstrual blood cannot be released in time, and it will accumulate in uterus, forming congestion. It will also increase stress on uterus, which will signal face and cause dark circles.

③ Spots on face: pigmentation

A Woman With A Diseased Uterus May Have These 4 Facial Expressions, I Hope You Don't Have Them

Spots on face are caused by hyperpigmentation. If uterus is damaged, uterus cannot regulate endocrine system of body normally, which can lead to endocrine disorders. At this time, if body cannot break down pigment in body in time, pigment will be deposited on face. Typically, patches caused by damage to uterus are chloasmata that spread to both sides of nose.

④ Acne on face: endocrine disorders

Acne on face can be result of damage to uterus, a decrease in its capacity, endocrine disorders of uterus. Frequent acne, avoid eating spicy food, ensure adequate sleep, and pay attention to maintaining health of uterus. You can often massage position of abdomen, continue to exercise, and promote body's metabolism and blood circulation.

How do women support uterus?

1. Get warm

The uterus is an organ that is afraid of cold. She often eats raw and cold food. When weather turns cold, she still insists on behavior, not temperature. Slowly, cold enters and stays in uterus, and it forms a cold palace, especially during menstrual cycle. Pay attention to keep warm.

2. Prevention of irregular periods

Menstruation is a very obvious external manifestation of health of female uterus. If a woman has irregular periods, do not delay and deal with it as soon as possible to prevent problem from becoming serious. At same time, pay attention to maintenance during menstruation, do not eat irritating food, and pay attention to keeping warm during menstruation to promote smooth elimination of toxins.

A Woman With A Diseased Uterus May Have These 4 Facial Expressions, I Hope You Don't Have Them

3. Supplement nutrition uterus needs

The normal functioning of uterus does not require nutritional support, so eat a sensible diet to ensure adequate nutrition and eat less cold, greasy, spicy and other irritating foods. Moderate consumption of cereals can effectively prevent uterine diseases, and it is also recommended to eat some warm palace foods, such as yams, red dates, longan, beef, etc. Prevention and treatment of palace colds.

The above are some of symptoms of uterine disease and how to care for it. I hope this can help everyone. If you also want to know if your uterus is fine, you can also try methods above. If you don't, given that, your uterus is very healthy.