How to build a healthy and easy to conceive physique? Do it and get pregnant

Did you also struggle with pregnancy? For those women who are predisposed to pregnancy, these things do not occur at all, but for those women who cannot conceive for a long time, it is like entering heaven. How many times have you gone through it? The pre-pregnancy "workaround" ended in failure at end, which should make people emotionally distressed. Why can those who are predisposed to pregnancy get pregnant from first touch? In fact, if you want to build a body that is easy to conceive, you can do it if you are good at these things. .

How to build a healthy and easy to conceive physique?

First, calculate your ovulation period

How to build a healthy and easy to conceive physique? Do it and get pregnant

The most important thing is to calculate period of ovulation. The ovulation period usually starts 14 days before your period. The survival time of eggs is 12-24 hours, and survival time of sperm is 72 hours, so intercourse during ovulation will greatly increase pregnancy rate.

Second point: de-stress and relax

Many couples who are trying to conceive fail to conceive for several months and inevitably experience anxiety, but more anxiety and anxiety, less chance they have of conceiving. This is because anxiety affects secretion of hormones in body, leading to poor body functioning and making conception even more difficult. So take your time with things like pregnancy, slowly regulate your emotions and a healthy baby will be born naturally.

Third point: Quit smoking and drinking

Probably everyone knows that you should pay attention to various methods and skills during pregnancy, but did you know that you need to do this in preparation for pregnancy, and doing it in advance is not only good for children, but also great benefits for adults. Excessive alcohol consumption can damage female fertility and affect fetus. For a successful conception, both parents, especially a woman, must abstain from alcohol 3-6 months before pregnancy!

How to build a healthy and easy to conceive physique? Do it and get pregnant

Smoking and passive smoking: May reduce female fertility and chance of conceiving. Women who are planning to have a baby, but do not smoke themselves, should also say NO to passive smoking!

Fourth point, balanced nutrition

Both parties should pay attention to diet, especially men, they should supplement more nutrition and avoid partial eclipse. Because sperm production and development need adequate zinc, calcium, and protein as support, male friends should eat more chicken, seafood, grains, and other foods.

Point Five: Keep Law of Life

Men and women should develop good living habits, get up, sleep, exercise, go to work, work and other life as regularly as possible, and women should maintain a good attitude, a calm state of mind, not act too hastily. , men should wear more breathable clothing. Sex shorts and loose top pants can also increase chances of conception.

Point six: Get a physical exam and fertility assessment three months before pregnancy

How to build a healthy and easy to conceive physique? Do it and get pregnant

You know, good ovulation, unobstructed fallopian tubes, quality eggs, endometrium... These are most basic conditions for an easy pregnancy, so couples who plan to conceive are advised to do so at three months. in advance Checks related to health examinations and fertility assessments.

The above are some important conditions for constitution of a fertile body. I hope you read it carefully and try to follow it when you are preparing for pregnancy. I believe that soon you will be able to welcome your child.