If a woman has these 4 "marks" on her body, it means that uterus is injured.

I think that everyone has a certain idea about uterus, especially girlfriends. How important is this "organ" that grows in your body? It can not only affect your fertility, but also regulate your endocrine system so that your body is in a healthy state, but if uterus is damaged, impact will be great. Not only can you not get pregnant, but also cause menstrual irregularities, so everyone should understand several manifestations of uterine trauma.

4 "traces" of damage to uterus on body

Next 1, non-standard aunt

If a woman has these 4 "marks" on her body, it means that uterus is injured.

A healthy uterus not only makes pregnancy easier for a woman, but also ensures regular menstruation. This is due to fact that uterus affects menstrual cycle. I want to ask you for help, so you should seek medical help at this time.

Trace 2, intolerable dysmenorrhea

I guess I really don't want to talk about how your sister understands dysmenorrhea because she's really not very friendly to women. Under normal circumstances, dysmenorrhea is not very serious and women will not feel any discomfort, but if when you have severe menstrual dysmenorrhea, then you should consider whether this is a palace cold problem. At this time, women should first find out root cause of dysmenorrhea, and then treat symptoms until recovery.

If a woman has these 4 "marks" on her body, it means that uterus is injured.

Curve 3, low back pain during menstruation

When your aunt comes in, if you have lower back pain, it could be due to uterine disease or bladder problems. As a rule, cervicitis or prolapse of uterus will be accompanied by pain in lower back, so this happens in women. In this case, we must be vigilant and seek medical attention in time so that uterus is not seriously damaged.

Curve 4. Problems with pregnancy

When your uterus is damaged, biggest impact is having difficulty conceiving. In fact, this is due to a number of reasons. Firstly, uterus is damaged, which affects instability of menstrual cycle, menstrual irregularity and ovulation disorder. If you do not find period of ovulation, it will be difficult to get pregnant, therefore, after an injury to uterus, it is necessary to treat it in time to avoid re-injury.

If a woman has these 4 "marks" on her body, it means that uterus is injured.

After saying so much, did you understand everything? Do you already know signs of damage to uterus? If you also find such conditions, you should immediately go to hospital. The doctor will provide professional treatment according to your recommendations. your own situation so you can get pregnant as soon as possible.