Pregnant couples need to be good at these things if they want to "make a man" smoothly.

When many couples try to conceive, they want to get pregnant at same time, but in today's society, likelihood of infertility increases every year, and it is difficult to achieve this at one time. for several years. Some of them are caused by diseases and cannot get pregnant. Such a situation should be treated in time. There are still some technical issues, so how do you get pregnant quickly?

How can couples who plan to conceive find it easier to get pregnant?

1. Correct posture

Pregnant couples need to be good at these things if they want to "make a man" smoothly.

When couples are in same room, proper posture can effectively increase a woman's chance of getting pregnant. Generally speaking, posture during intercourse affects formation of fertilized eggs, which is why many couples place a pillow under a woman's waist or buttocks during intercourse. This can prevent a man's sperm from leaking out quickly after a couple has intercourse, thus reducing chance of a woman's pregnancy.

Furthermore, when a husband and wife have sex, they must take position that man dominates on outside and woman dominates on inside. When a man ejaculates, allow sperm to enter vagina as deeply as possible so that spermatozoa can quickly meet and fuse with egg.

2. Improve quality of male sperm

Many people think that during pregnancy, while women are fully prepared, they have little to do with men, and they only need to stop smoking and drinking. Actually not. Men with poor sperm quality can eat more tomatoes during pregnancy because tomatoes are rich in vitamin E and lycopene, which improve quality of male sperm and are great for successful conception.

Pregnant couples need to be good at these things if they want to "make a man" smoothly.

Third, pre-pregnancy screening is very important

Modern life promotes prenatal and postnatal care, so in preparation for pregnancy, it is very important to get a pre-pregnancy examination to make sure that baby will be healthy and smart after birth. In this way, you can clearly know your physical condition. If there are no problems that do not contribute to onset of pregnancy, then pregnancy will become much easier. Examination before pregnancy is responsible not only for your own body, but also has an inextricable link with health of unborn baby.

Fourthly, number of sexual acts should not be too large

Some couples seem to think that having frequent roommates increases their chances of conceiving, which is completely wrong. We must clearly understand that under normal conditions, women release only one egg per month, while men produce thousands of sperm. If they have too much intercourse, woman's body will develop anti-sperm antibodies and sperm motility will decrease. So there is another hurdle if they want to conceive a child. Therefore, it is said that after couple finds day of ovulation, they will have sex every two days and chance of pregnancy will increase significantly.

Five, find out your ovulation period

Pregnant couples need to be good at these things if they want to "make a man" smoothly.

The reason many couples can "get pregnant at first touch" is because they recognize day of ovulation and have intercourse. A woman's total ovulation period is ten days, and one in ten days is an ovulation day, so pinpointing your own ovulation day isn't easy. Ovulation day is a little tricky. If it's not right time, try an ovulation test strip or determine your ovulation day by measuring your basal body temperature.

Having said so much, I believe everyone understands it. Preparing for pregnancy is not blind. Only with help of scientific preparation will you be able to welcome your child as soon as possible. You must do the above things well to help you save your baby as soon as possible.