Have you made all these life habits that harm eggs?

The egg is a key factor for a woman to give birth to a child. Only high quality eggs can give birth to a healthy and smart baby. If egg quality is too low, fertilization and implantation, so that woman will not be able to conceive a child. But in real life, many women intentionally or unintentionally damage their eggs. What is behavior? Let's get a look.

Do you have any of these lifestyle habits that are hurting your balls?

Habit 1: Staying up late

Have you made all these life habits that harm eggs?

Whether he is awake after watching drama or unable to sleep due to stress, sleeping late will lead to endocrine disruption, ovarian failure, etc. It will affect egg quality. Therefore, sisters who have habit of staying up late and those who like to stay up late should pay attention, get rid of bad habit of staying up late and going to bed early.

Habits 2. Lose weight blindly

Sisters who have experience with weight loss should know that eating less is best way to control weight. Therefore, there will be people who do not eat, go on a diet and lose weight quickly. You know, body is your own, a blind diet or increased exercise can cause endocrine disruption or even functional amenorrhea. Follicle development also requires help of gonadotropins such as follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone.

Habits 3. Sex during your period

Have you made all these life habits that harm eggs?

Intercourse during menstruation is very harmful to women's health.

Due to menstruation, immunity of female body is lower than usual. At this stage, cervix of women is open. Sexual intercourse during menstruation will stimulate female body to produce a large amount of anti-sperm antibodies, which will affect combination of sperm and eggs, and easily cause pelvic infection, endometriosis and other adverse conditions, which will indirectly affect female egg health and quality!

Habit 4: Sitting and lying down for a long time

This resume is lazy and doesn't like to move. Can sit without standing, can lie without sitting. Over time, body will deteriorate, blood circulation will decrease, ovaries will not be fed, and quality of eggs will also decrease. If you always lie still every day, this machine in your body will become more and more difficult to start, blood circulation will decrease accordingly, metabolism will decrease significantly, and ovaries, home of eggs, will also be affected. accordingly, quality of eggs will naturally not be high.

Have you made all these life habits that harm eggs?

The above are a few life habits about dangers of eggs. If you do, you should change it in time, especially for girls who are preparing for pregnancy. You should not only get rid of bad habits, but also prepare some tips for preparing for pregnancy. This is the only way to get pregnant ahead of time.