How Pregnant Women Know If They're Predisposed To Pregnancy These 5 Places Can Be Seen

Women are born with temperament of motherly love, which has been passed down from ancient times to present day. If they do not want children after marriage, they will feel that something is missing in family. Some women even suspect that they are an imperfect woman, so most women will choose to prepare for pregnancy and have a baby. So, how do pregnant women know if they are predisposed to pregnancy? You can see it in following 5 places.

How pregnant women know if they are predisposed to pregnancy

First Place: Period

How Pregnant Women Know If They're Predisposed To Pregnancy These 5 Places Can Be Seen

If dysmenorrhea occurs or menstrual blood becomes dark, black, and has blood clots, this means that a cold palace exists. Women with a cold palace tend to have a hard time getting pregnant because cold palace will affect implantation of fertilized eggs, and a baby with cold uterus in adulthood is harmful to health. Therefore, if you want to conceive a child, you must pay attention to protection of uterus, keep warm at usual time and do not eat raw or cold food. If there is a problem of palatial rhinitis, it is necessary to adjust palatial rhinitis before pregnancy.

Second Place: Age

The best childbearing age for women is 25-30 years old, this is golden period of their body. The eggs are well matured, ovaries are functioning well Pregnancy at this age produces smart and healthy babies. Pregnancy over 35 years of age is considered late maternal age. Over time, number of ovulations will decrease dramatically, chance of pregnancy will be greatly reduced, and frequency of teratogenic pregnancy will also increase. Therefore, women who want to become pregnant should not miss the best age of pregnancy.

Third place: private parts

How Pregnant Women Know If They're Predisposed To Pregnancy These 5 Places Can Be Seen

Women who are planning to become pregnant should pay attention to presence of growths on their intimate places. If there are growths on genitals, they should go to hospital for an examination to make sure they are not infected with virus. Also pay attention to whether hair is too thick in intimate places and whether shape is an inverted triangle. If not, then you need to check if there are problems with endocrine system, and if ovulation is normal.

Fourth place: weight

People who are overweight and obese have a high risk of developing high blood pressure. With age, ability to conceive becomes more and more difficult, so losing weight is also a top priority for women who want to conceive a child. If you are planning to get pregnant, obese women should follow scientific and healthy methods to lose weight and never blindly take diet pills or rely on diet to lose weight.

Fifth place: lips

How Pregnant Women Know If They're Predisposed To Pregnancy These 5 Places Can Be Seen

If your lips are dry and dull for a long time, then you may prefer a heavy diet, followed by too little water, and thirdly, vitamin A deficiency. This situation does not meet conditions for pregnancy. Pregnancy at this time will affect development of bones in baby's stomach, cause poor development of baby's teeth and gums, and even cause miscarriage.

Therefore, if you want to prepare for pregnancy, you should drink plenty of water and eat more foods rich in vitamin A, such as animal liver, egg milk, fish oil, dark green and red vegetables, etc. balanced diet .

If you are planning to get pregnant but don't know if you are predisposed to pregnancy, compare above parts and make sure that if these parts of you are healthy, it proves that you are predisposed to pregnancy. prepare for pregnancy. If you have gynecological diseases or other diseases, you should treat them in time so that you can get pregnant as soon as possible.