If these places stand out in women, this indicates strong fertility.

For a long time, duty of a woman is to give birth to children, which has never changed. As she enters marriage palace, next task is to give birth to next generation. However, not everyone can conceive children of their own, as expected. Baby, some couples trying to conceive cannot even conceive for several years because their fertility is relatively low. If a woman has these places, it means that she is very fertile, let's look together.

These prominent places in women indicate strong fertility

【1】menstruation is normal and regular

If these places stand out in women, this indicates strong fertility.

In a sense, menstruation is equivalent to fertility, which is very important for women. Monthly periods in women are regular, which indicates relative health of ovaries and uterus. The occurrence of periods is mainly due to influence of hormones secreted by ovaries, which leads to rejection of endometrium. Healthy ovaries indicate that women ovulate relatively regularly and are more likely to conceive.


Chinese medicine believes that a woman's fertility can be judged by her lips, and changes in her lips can also directly reflect state of her health. Under normal conditions, lips of healthy women are pink and pale pink, which also means that there is enough qi and blood in body and there is no anemia. Their physical fitness is also relatively healthy, which may also reflect relatively high fertility of women.

【3】Protruding fingertips

In addition to crescent moon on woman's lips and fingers, you can also watch changes in her fingertips to observe her physical health. If a woman's fingertips are thin and delicate, it means that her body is filled with qi and blood, and her physical form is in order. However, if a woman is fat and short, it means that she has a slightly strong figure. If her fingertips are thick or thin, you need to wonder if there is a problem with thyroid gland, and life will affect her reproductive function.

If these places stand out in women, this indicates strong fertility.


The uterus is also known as a women's health barometer. The quality of uterus directly reflects health of woman. The uterus not only produces menstruation, but is also an important place for birth of a new life, which is very important for girlfriends. Women menstruate every month, and color, cycle, and number of periods can reflect condition of uterus.

If a woman has a regular menstrual cycle, monthly menstrual flow is stable, and there are no dysmenorrhea, cold uterus, blood clots during menstruation, this means that endocrine system in woman's body is relatively stable, and female ovulation is relatively normal.


If these places stand out in women, this indicates strong fertility.

It is often said that "a woman has a beautiful butt", but this is only half true. Because it is not buttocks that are fertile, but pelvis. However, women with larger hips tend to have a wider pelvis. When a woman with a large pelvis is pregnant, fetus will slowly move into pelvis, and childbirth will be easier, which is also one of favorable reproductive conditions.

The above are some of highlights of fertility. If you also have above situations, then congratulations, but if not, you can go to regular hospital in time for examination and treatment, so that you can get pregnant as soon as possible. as much as possible.